Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Just a brief note --

I went to see my PCP AND
I did take a tumble on the way in the front door -
I am OKAY. I wanted you all to know that I fell - Good Lord. I was going in to see my PCP and tripped and I was in full stride and could not 'catch myself' nor slow down the momentum. I landed on my right knee full force and then my right side. A guy (not bad looking) :-) heard me fall - I guess I made quite a racket - he came running - he assisted me in getting up - I think he actually wanted to feel my breast but whatever. :-). kidding........ He went and got the nurse from my PCP's office who came with a wheel chair - I had x-rays - no fracture thank God - bad bruise/strain/wrench ouch!! whole right side is quite soar. I did get my BP checked, it is improving - almost normal - he added just 12.5 mg. of something - and I got my flu shot.

It was weird because I said to Skipp, just drop me of in front and you can go and get the wine (very important) :-), and by the time you get back I will be ready to go - hah!!!!! I heard him come back and they sent him on in to see me in the exam room and there I was in the wheel chair, ice pack and ll!!!

So I am on the down low - for a week or so -
send happy thoughts and good energy. thanks. I Love you all

oh, one more thing - I realized that if I am on the floor I can't get up on my own - I find that unsettling, ya know? Without that guy who wanted to feel my breasts assisting me :-) I never could have gotten up on my own. . Once my right side heals I am going to practice with Skipp to see if there is a way I can do it - God forbid I fall outside, well, I shudder at the thought.
SO - any of you have any ideas on how I can maneuver such a feat??

It is hard for me to navigate the stairs to get on my computer - once I am down stairs it is best I stay put. I will be better in a few days and get back to reading and commenting on all of your wonderful blogs -

Love Gail


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Sending happy thoughts and good energy. I guess we are often dependent on someone to help us -- and that's not all that bad. It's one way to make friends. I know the feeling of starting to fall and not being able to stop. I broke my rib that way a couple of months ago. Healed now. But I did feel foolish sprawled out in front of my office building and needing help to get up -- mostly because I had had the wind knocked out of me. It seemed to me as a kid that I would fall down and spring right back up like one of those wobbly dolls. Guess those days are past!

TheChicGeek said...

Oh, Gail, I'm so sorry to hear about your tumble :( Thank goodness nothing was broken. I'm still on vacation but I saw "a Tumble" and wanted to check on you, make sure you were okay.
There is a way to get kind of rock, but it is hard to explain in words...LOL
Anyway, I'm sending you love, tons of magical well wishes and a big hug!

Feel better soon, Gail :) I'll be sending all my good wishes your way!
Big Hug <3

Teresa said...

OMG Gail! I am so glad you are ok. It is bad to hurt your knee because you always use them. So sorry you couldn't get up, and that guy, what was he thinking, that was terrible of him!

You need to rest that knee! Try to stay off of it as much as possible. You are in my prayers...((((HUGS)))) T

cordieb said...

Oh my...what an experience. I am sending healing energies you way today, right this moment. I do hope you heal very fast, dear. I suggest if this should happen and there is no one around, that you try to roll to the other side. Use your arms to help roll over...I've did this before. Hopefully, you will have more strength on the other side of your body. I'm so sorry this happened to you...but at least you got an attempted breast feel from the nice looking fella... lol.

Again, sending healing energies straight to you!

Blessings, Hun.


Cindy said...

Oh Gail, I am so sorry for what happened. It is frustrating as heck isn't it. Gail I use a cane it helps me support me if I feel like I am going to fall. I understand what you mean as the strength is not there, sometimes without my husband it is very very hard. Hopefully you and skip can figure out a way. In the meantime my prayers are with you and I pray for a speedy recovery, hopefully you are not too sore. Take it easy, love ya, Be well. I am going to check into this, big hug.

Bernie said...

Oh Gail, I am so sorry you fell. I think the shock of it is almost as bad as the bruises you now have. I am sending you many good thoughts and tons of prayers.
Now rest, enjoy the wine Skipp bought and know we will be here anytime you are able to come back to us.
I hope someone knows how you will be able to get up from the floor, you will need something to pull/hold on too but that is of no help if you are outside....I will be reading your comments to see what advice you are given and will check in to see how you are doing...Luv ya...:-) Hugs

Jackie said...

Gail...I am so glad that you are not hurt worse than you are...and you are hurt pretty badly. Thank goodness someone (the groper?) :))
was there to help. Continue to rest and take care of yourself.
Please, let us know how you are getting along each day.
Smiles from Jackie

Anne said...

Hi Gail,
I have been wondering about you.
Sorry to hear about your tumble. Just rest and take care of yourself. Rest is what you need now. Your blogger friends will be waiting for you when you return.
Here's to your R&R.
Take care.

Gail said...


I am doing better - I am still soar and going very slowly - but It, I, am improving. :-)

Your well wishes mean SO much to me Wow.....and CINNER? I do use a cane - with the M S it is a necessary tool to aid in my independence. I don't leave home without it or my rollator either!! :-)

Skipp left for work :-(, - but my daughter is coming by in a while. phew.

Love and much thanks

Margie said...

I just went to my reader and found out about your unfortunate fall ...what a scare that must have been for you!
I'm so sorry to hear about this!

Gail, I'm thinking of you as you recover and sending prayers to make you stronger ...

May the sun shine on your speedy recovery ... I will miss you here ... hope you feel back on top of the world very soon!

Sending you a hug today
and hope you get better without delay!

Take very good care of your very special self, Gail.


The Rambling Taoist said...

I take tumbles quite frequently. My wife theorizes that, if there was a giant flat parking lot and one tiny pebble in the middle of it, I would find the pebble and either trip over it or fall on it. :D

I have all sorts of tricks for getting up. Send me an email and we can discuss strategies.

Gail said...


thanks So much for your loving comment - I am resting and healing.

love gail

Gail said...

HI R T -

thanks for your support and personal humor! :-) I will email you.

Love gail

Unknown said...

They gave me instructions at the hospital on how to get up when you fall, i have fallen a number of times,but not had to use them as (for what ever reason) my body is very strong.
The way they described things to be was to wait a second (on the ground) then slowly get on to one knee (in your case the one not injured). Make sure that any injury you have will not cause you to fall again and then grab what ever is near (or crawl to it), a wall, a pole, a man who wants to help you (maybe you can feel his breast, lol)ad crawl up it, slowly. Do not attempt to walk until you are sure you are fine and can support your self. I practiced it a few times at the hospital, but at home I found that I had no trouble getting up the regular way (Tea Kwon Do training???). Anyway, best of luck and take special care of your self.
My falls always made the people around me feel very helpless and even more worried about me than they were before. it actually does not help.

Wanda..... said...

I'm glad to know you feel a little better after that falling ordeal Gail...There are a few videos on line that deal with falling...but mostly it's about crawling to something that will give one some leverage to pull up on like a chair or door knob.

I noticed TRT has some advice to give...hope it helps. I think once we fall...we automatically become so aware and step more carefully. I fell on our steps and broke my ankle in 3 places last Christmas...I have been so careful on those steps ever since. Take care Gail and heal quickly.

Luv and Smiles,

Gail said...


Thanks so much for your good wishes. And sharing of your fall on your steps. I am coming along


Thanks for your sharing of how you get up from a fall. I can do what you said no problem, - my fear is not being close enough to anything to help me gain balance and levity I better always carry me cell phone, huh? :-)

Love to you both

Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord said...

Oh my gosh, Gail... Be well! Sending good thoughts your way and lots of healing energy!

Peace & love,

Bernie said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing. So glad your daughter was going to be with your today.
Sounds like you may be a bit better, I hope so.
You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend, be well....:-) Hugs

Gail said...


thanks for checking in on me - I am coming along - my knee is quite soar - but I am moving it a bit better.

Hi Joy Girl-Megan
thanks so much for you well wishes and concern

Love Gail

Children with out voices said...

Hi Gail,
I haven't made time to read blogs lately and the few I did read on other post were quite upsetting. One was one placing blame on the victim and with the big question, why do they take abuse, why don't they do something about it.
Being a victim is not something one chooses and the answers to each are as individual as the stories.
I wanted to personally thank you for stopping by and commenting there is surely peace when you are near.
I don't have time to network with the blog as I am working within my community to help those find themselves in need of help from any kind of abusive situations.
Some have the courage to speak up others do not, thank you for being you.

Gail said...


I am so glad you stopped by. ANd I SO applaud the healing work you are doing for those who are abused and are still silent. I also know all too well that so often the victim is blamed - which only makes the valuable work you are doing that much more valuable!! "BRAKING THE SILENCE"

Love to you

Diana said...

Oh Gail I a so sorry that I haven't been here sooner! My life has been a huge tapestry lately!!
You are so funny even through the fall thinking of a cute guy trying to feel your breast!
Seriously though take care of the knee. That's when the arthritis started in mine, I slipped in the tub and twisted it. Ever since then (2 yrs.) it's been messed up.
If I am correct the 12.5 would be HCT which is a water pill mixed with the bp pill. Thats what I take.
And don't start drinking wine and think that your knee is fine now and try dancing or something dumb like that!
Sorry I've been gone so long, I missed you Gail!
Love Di

Gail said...


Oh no apologies, I know how busy life can get. And ya, I had to have a sense of humor about the 'good-looking-groper' who hoisted me up!! :-)
And yup, it is a water pill along with the lisinopril- voila!!!

Love you

Grizz………… said...

Geeze, Gail…that's awful—not just the fall, but that you happened to do so in a place where the only man present ready to help, turned out to be the only man on the planet who didn't realize those weren't "lift assist" handles. Talk about rotten luck!

I will say this, if your blood pressure checked out as as "almost normal" within minutes of that recent trauma, you gotta be improving.

You do know I wish you all the best, right—all kidding aside. And I'm very, very glad to hear you are possibly bruised, battered, sore of knee and side, and bummed of ego…but all heal-able. (A new word, just invented for you.)

I assure you, an occupational therapist can teach you how to get up from the floor (or off the ground, should you fall while wandering about outside, getting firewood or looking for that fondler from the PCP office) and then you won't have to be quite so frightened by the thought. These things happen. Don't allow them to define your spirit or future (doesn't sound like that's the case, BTW.)

And for however long it takes, stay off the stairs. Move the computer. Borrow a laptop. The holidays are no time to beat yourself up—physically or psychologically. Wait until winter, when you can use the rest and enjoy milking the situation for all it's worth with the support crew.

[Okay, now it's just me and you, we're way down here on the bottom of the comments section, so tell me the truth and it will remain our secret…how much of that wine did you kill on the way home from the PCP office?]

Gail said...


"thank you" so much for your supportive words of understanding and compassion blended so nicely with laugh out loud humor. :-)

I like the new word just for me- "heal-able". Way cool!

And I really need to wrestle with this getting up off the floor endeavor - I may have to accept that it is not possible - I will figure that out and accept whatever is. My daughter said to always be sure I have my cell phone on me when ever I go outside. phew.

And the wine? Nah, we waited until we got home and it was delightful and well deserved, Good Lord.

Love to you

Jenn Jilks said...

You are quite funny, I loved the post. I saw your comment on Griz's site!

You have to avail yourself of what is at hand, so to speak.

A man to help you up -
a man to buy you wine. Whottheh3ll!
I am a good feminist, but that wounds like great times.

I hope you enjoyed the wine! Medicinal, I am sure!

What I learned when caring for my parents, both dying with cancer, is to accept the help that is offered. It is offered for a reason. OK, maybe a good feel, but what can you say?!
Each year I find things more difficult. It is part of accepting yourself.
Take care.

Gail said...


I am so glad you stopped by. And yes, 'men everywhere'!! :-)

And the wine was delicious when we finally got home. phew.

It must have been hard to take care of yor ill parents - and yet perhaps rewarding too - bittersweet.....and I have accepted all of my truths and I embrace them. It see,s though, that the M S adds new dimensions/symptoms as time goes o so I am constantly surrendering. It is what it is.
I will go see you at your place.

Love Gail

Stephanie said...

Hi Gail-
Oh geezz...I hope you are feeling much, much better quickly. And I for one say the wine is always important :-)
Bless you!

Gail said...


I am getting better each day and yes, the wine is important, important indeed. :-)

Love Gail

Comrade Kevin said...

I'm sorry you fell! I hope you're recovering. As someone who has a chronic illness himself, I know that it takes a while to find ways to work around it and still retain your independence.

Take care.

Gail said...


Thanks so much for your well wishes. And I know you understand the daily struggle to maintain independence. Some days are more difficult than others. huh?

Love to you

Gail said...


so glad you came by - and I appreciate your understanding words.

Love Gail'

Jackie said...

Gail...It's Saturday night...and I wanted to stop by and see if you are feeling better. I do hope that you are. Continue to take care of you...please.
Smiles from Jackie

Gail said...

HI JACKIE and thank you for stopping by to see how I am. I m coming along fine. I did some exercises today. ANd tomorrow my Mom and SIs are bringing lunch. I am on the mend.

Love to you