Monday, January 27, 2014

New PC, first post attempt.

My first post since setting up my new PC.  There are still many nuances, features, programs, systems and so forth for me  to learn.

OK I can add a picture.  here is our Gracie Blue - now four years old.  She is a wonderful family pet, a real pack animal.  She is our good best friend. 

OK, lets try a video now.  Here goes:

Huh, I think I did it.   I also can create a slide show, but I am a long way from mastering that feature.  Love this song.....

Well, let's see.  I am doing ok, all things considered.  The MS is a challenge to manage and some days are better than others.  Skipp and I are still madly in love and madly in like.  Both are important.  He is cutting back his hours and going on social security.  We are so happy for the time together.  All of our down sizing and financial woes are resolved.  We are so relieved.  And our cozy bungalow is "home".....we are settled in and peaceful, blessed and content.  We have come through a lot this past year.

Hard to believe we have lived here just over a year and come this July it will be two years my Mom has passed away.  I miss her every day.

My daughter is suppose to be getting married.  Now the date is March 22nd. I have gotten so excited and involved a couple of times only to have things be put on hold.  I am trying to wait for her and her husband-to-be to let us know what they might need help with and so forth rather than direct things. Easier said than done but so be it.  Hopefully my eldest daughter will make the trip down for the weekend of the wedding.  I haven't seen her or the kids in two years.  Her distance remains a mystery and a source of deep loss and sorrow.

My Sister is dealing with some medical issues and we are awaiting biopsy results from the lymphectomy on a node in her neck she had last Tuesday.  A complicated time and overwhelming on many levels.  Please pray for good outcomes.  Thanks.  It is good we are here and so close.  Part of that Master plan...........

On a lighter note - we have come to enjoy a weekly gathering on Fridays around 4:30 and we call it "Happytizers" and friends come by invitation and/or they will call and ask what the theme is for "Happytizers"....we have Asian, Italian, Greek, Mexican, cheese varieties, and assorted wines.  Skipp and I love using our little  appetizer forks and knives  and pretty wine glasses and making the table look inviting and delicious.  Many Fridays it is just me and Skipp and my Sis.  Oh, we also make a plate of treats for the dogs, our Gracie and my Sister's Zippy.  They have come to know when the time is near and join in our excitement and joy. 

I think that is all for now and please know you all have an open invitation to Friday night "Happytizers"....