Thursday, October 22, 2009

Candles and Organic Salsa

Well, here are some pictures of our lovely trip to Vermont. Basketville is actually in Putney, VT

as the picture shows! :-) We so enjoyed our time in the car - laughter, music, some quiet, holding hands, the Berkshire mountains sprawled out in front of us - it was magical. The scents in the Basketville store are delightful, a combination of wicker, wood, spiced candles, honey and coffee brewing. It was perfect. We laughed heartily about how we traveled all that way just to buy candles and a jar of organic salsa!! Worth every mile. We stopped near home to have dinner - we shared an order of Maryland crab cakes and split a Pastrami Reuben. Delicious. And, of course, a crisp clean glass of chardonnay complimented our shared meal nicely. We were home and in our jammies by eight. :-) It was a wonderful day.

And so today is the day my Dad died -as I already posted. I am going to be with my Mom and take her to Friendly's for ice cream. Maple walnut is her favorite. My sister will meet up with us later and we will just "be" together. It seems we are all "holding on" tighter this year - the losses are significant - as is the love. They swirl and blend like marble cake mix - forming a design of coping. That's what we do, cope. We lean on each other, push and pull, give and take, love and love - always with love.

Love Gail


Grizz………… said...

Lovely photos, Gail. Sounds like a wonderful day and trip.

I was going to write you an email anyway today, but I'll just stick it in this comment…

What I intended to do was tell you I was thinking about you. I knew this was the day of your Dad's passing—and know from personal experience what such days mean in the way of mixed emotions. No doubt there'll be laughter and tears, as you and your family deal with both the memories and "what ifs."

I know you truly miss him, and you always will. Time may soften such matters, but they never fully heal. Loss always remains. I know about that, too.

IMHO, it's a wonderful thing that you choose to honor your Dad by sharing what he means to you here, on these posts—regularly expressing your love, recounting your relationship, and confiding of your pain and heart's longing. That's makes you quite special, in my book! I respect that. And I know your Dad would be very proud of you as a daughter.

Gail said...

Hi Grizz-

I love that you wrote your heartfelt words to me here in a comment for others to read. I am SO touched by by your compassion and understanding. I am incredibly sad - unsettled as I move through the day and the time draws near that he died. I will be at my Sister's home - he died on her back deck. I am also filled with gratitude that my Mom is here and we will remember and honor him together. It is allso bittersweet.

Love you Grizz

Cindy said...

Gail, your trip sounds wonderful, all those miles for candles and salsa, yes I can understand it.
It is nice you will be with your Mom and your sister...Love is all we need. Big hug reaching out to you today and me say, You are loved.

TheChicGeek said...

Gail, your trip sounds so lovely. How blessed you are to have a wonderful husband to share such a beautiful day with! I've always wanted to go to Vermont. It is on my To Do list :)
Ahhh, I so wish I lived in a pretty place like that. It is beautiful in California, but to live in a smaller town or in the country, I think, would be a dream come true :)

I am happy that you are celebrating your marvelous Father today! I will light a candle for him today myself. I send love and blessings to you and your family today! Celebrate your love for one another...this I know will honor your Father. He will smile down at you all from heaven.

Hugs and Love to you, Gail!

Blessings <3

Gail said...


Hi there and "thank you" for lighting a candle for my Dad :-) - our day was lovely - My Mom loved her lunch but mostly the ice cream.
We all sat on the deck where my Dad died - My sister had set a vase of flowers right where he last last closed his eyes - the sun was shining - the trees were bursting with color - our hearts were filled with every emotion but mostly love. And we remembered............

Thanks SO much for the big hug - I feel it!!! AS I wrote above we honored him today and it was glorious. :-)

And I SO knew you would understand a trip across 2 states for candles and salsa!! We are so kindered.

Love to you both


Wanda..... said...

Hi Gail...Your bittersweet day was made a bit sweeter by your dear friend Grizz's message, He always seems to say it just right, what ever it concerns.

Your trip to Vermont must have been just what you needed, you look happy and lovely. Good that you spent the day with your mom and sister with loving thoughts of your dad.

Luv and Smiles,

Margie said...

Oh, that was such a wonderful trip you had, Gail.
As you wrote, it was magical!
I really enjoyed knowing all about it!
Loved the pictures too ...that's such a lovely picture of you look so happy!

Oh gosh, I love Friendly's and Gail, you are not going to beleive this but maple walnut is one of my most favorite ice creams.

Hope you had a wonderful time with your mom and sister.
It's so specail that you are together sharing the love you have for each other on the day of your dad's passing.
I bet he's smiling from heaven on all of you.

Loved the Beatles song!

Take care and I wish you joy and many blesings.


Jackie said...

I'm teary-eyed....but it's a bittersweet cry. I am so happy that you had time with your Mom...and the love for your Dad is timeless.
Your day sounded heavenly...and that's the way your Dad would want you to feel....close in love.
Warmest smiles to you from Jackie

Unknown said...

Love this kind of trip!
For a log time I would try to be with my mom during that time, it was helpful. Fortunately she is now surrounded by her family and the problem is not significant anymore. There are days, but very few and very far apart.

Bernie said...

Gail, your day sounded wonderful, you shared so much together.
You are a wonderful daughter and you dad would be proud to know you and your sister are there for your mom....Grizz is right, there is no closure or healing only acceptance and it does become softer....Hugs

Wondering Soul said...

Dear Gail,
Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and understanding that 'bittersweet' thing.
The sharing of the grief and the closeness and love that brings (your wonderful analogy of the marbled cake mix) is beautiful and warm, and yet, the sadness and the loss is a gutting ache that can often feel so isolated at its core.
I know you'll have moments of warmth and joy becuase you are with loved ones... You'll d the whole, 'remember when...' thing.
I also guess that you will have moments of quiet where there is tht inner tug of pain.
Please know that I am thinking of you at this time.
I do remember reading how difficult this time of year is for you...

Gail said...


Oh yes - less better indeed after reading Grizz's amazing way of writing. :-) As well as other's who shared their hearts. :-)
Our day together was amazing inVermon and yesterday with my Mopm and Sis - so nice to see you


I absolutely believe that you love maple walnut ice cream the best, just like my Mom!! :-)!! We hadf a wonderful day. And both you and Wanda noted that I look happy in my picture - :-) I am!! eehah!! Thank you for sharing your heart with me.


Thank you so much for feeling so intimately my shared heart. It was a lovely day. We sat on the deck right at the time he died - we held hands, held on.


So nice to see you. :-) Sometimes folks mov on and need less or need different - we seem to all gather pretty much the same intense way ever since. I respect the uniqueness of everyone's grief journey.


We had a wonderful day of remembering, laughing, a few tears, hearty laughter and just being close. I am so glad you are here.


Thank you SO much for your heartfelt words to me. I feel your understanding at a deep level and it means a lot to me. We had a loving day and know how blessed we are to be so close.



Diana said...

Oh Gail I wish that I had been in the Basketville Store with you, Well actually it sounded like you had a better time alone with Skip. But the way that you described the store was wonderful! It made me want to be there.
Mmmm, I love maple flavor and walnuts are my favorite nuts. I think I would probably love that maple walnut ice cream myself. It's great that you will be with your mom Gail. I'm sure that it helps you both.
Love Di

Gail said...


oh you would have had a grand time with us at Basketville. The scents are so comforting. And my day with my Mom and Sis was wonderful, loving and honorable. We all felt Dad with us.

Love you

Mark said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful trip. Glad you had such a great time!
It is wonderful that you are taking your Mom out and spending time with her during this time of increased remembrance. We grieve for our loses and at the same time we rejoice for the grand adventure, the next step of the journey that the ones we lose are on. Have a great weekend. Sorry I have not been around much this week. Much going on that prevented me from getting on-line time.
Be in love, peace and be wise

Gail said...


I am so glad you came by. :-) I know folks get busy - and getting on line is difficult. I just had missed your words here.

And interesting salutation," wise" hmmmm, working on that one. :-)

Love you