Sunday, October 28, 2012

The "Storm"

Hi all - looks like hurricane Sandy is headed our way - BIG TIME!! We will most likely, definitely lose power by tomorrow night and will be out for days - predictions say 7 to 10 days.  We got all of our supplies yesterday and secured our home as best we could.  The rest is up to "Sandy" and "God".  Both, forces to be reckoned with  :-).....
I am going to shut down my computer tonight before going to bed because the high winds are expected to come in over night and I don't want my computer to "crash".  I hope you will all be safe and secure during 'Sandys' wrath and that we meet again on the other side of the storm....'the perfect storm - or so they are calling it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Quite a song,huh?  This transition-adventure we are on is powerful, on so many levels.  There is so much I will miss about living here and so much I look forward to about living 'there'.  There is also much I/we have no control over and at the same time so much we are managing and doing'.

I like the above song - perhaps less intense, since I am quite ready and willing to relax in to our truth, our reality and revel in the freedom of our even simpler life - certainly less expensive and within our means given the financial losses over the past few years.
I/we have no quest or change or new anything we are hoping for beyond the adventure of change we have chosen.  Rather, we are settling in lovingly, humbly, gratefully and simply to our truth.  To a life of love, giving, family, song, celebration, much like we always have minus the financial burden and fears.

As we complete the renovations and make the move I will take pictures so you can "see" in to our new world - while already knowing what we bring to 'the table', the same table, by the way that has served us and many for years  and will continue to do so, Amen.