Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Thank you" at Christmas and always......

I so love our Christmas tree and all the ornaments Skipp has bought me over 20+ years.  Each one has such meaning and beauty and purpose.  The white shell with the two red flowers was from my nephew Clayton and his wife Gatey.  They made them for all of us.  It was their only Christmas together as husband and wife - he died the following November after only a year and a half married.  They were an ideal couple in so  many ways. Clayton is truly missed.

My manger is priceless.  It was our family's manger when I was growing up.  If you look closely you can see the small angel candle and the small choir boy candle leaning up against the manger - they were my Grandma's and are over 100 years old!!  Oh how I love family heirlooms and traditions.

Did I thank all of you for your loving support and understanding during my recent low spirited mood?  Well, "thank you"!!

And so it comes to be - Christmas, the New Year - so much to believe in, hold on to, let go of,  fight against, surrender to, scream in anger, laugh in delight, celebrate, mourn, stand firm, walk away, run to, run from, - I think you get the gist of life with all its twists and turns as do I, as do I.......... I leave you with this song -

I hope you see and feel the hope in this song - "Merry Christmas"  and "thank you" for all you do, are, give, share and intend. You are a 'gift' to  me, each and every one of you............

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hi all - I haven't really felt much like writing - truth be told?  I am struggling to feel the spirit of the season.  I am very much in rhythm with loss and fear.  Perhaps that is in keeping with the 'season' since it is this season that brings to mind days gone by, people gone by and challenges too. For all I am so blessed to be and have and believe it is dripping with tears of wishes for some things to be different.  Oh I know all that sayings about living in the moment, celebrating what I have, counting blessings etc., I do and I am and I thank God because without all that, well, I shudder to think However, all of that does not dismiss what I long for,  I want my eldest daughter to remember me, to come home, to show me I matter in her life, to bring my grandson here to finally meet him, to see my other two grandchildren too - it has been years.  I don't understand why.  I wish for friends that have slipped away to come back - to have an active presence in my life again - I wish to NOT have MS - I want the pain to stop.

Meanwhile I do want to wish you all a Merry Christmas so I leave you with this song which says it all for me and is my favorite Christmas song.