Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome to our "Homestead On Mount Hope"

And so it is true - we arrived safely here in Western New York to our new Homestead in Hemlock Hills Park -

It was a very long drive especially since we went through a huge snow/ice storm which added almost thee hours to our trip.  I believe 'Jesus' took the wheel and guided us safely through.  Our home is lovely - in a small quaint wooded community.

The pine trees all around us are huge. And the mountains are gorgeous.  The view is breathtaking.

I have certainly been challenged to find a new rhythm in our new home.  Every turn and corner, hallway and function requires my/our careful attention and plan for safety, ease and confidence.  At first I felt I would not be able to navigate with any feeling of certainty - as time has passed I am finding my rhythm and comfort.  We have made adjustments and rearranged the layout for easier and safer movement about.  It is difficult to move to a new home and even more so when one has to consider the safety needs of living with a disability such as MS.

Come on in and take a look around - set a spell - k?


Our living room and kitchen

Great kitchen - love the shadow boxes - great space for our herbs and spices

The relaxing reading-music-computer room.  I so enjoy this room

Our cozy lovely bedroom

The extra bedroom for family and friends to visit. Nice, huh?

And so we are here - I have yet to venture out due to the weather and my own weakness from the major transition and energy needed to gain my balance and rhythm, strength and confidence.  I am working on it. I am getting ready!! I do miss my/our life in Connecticut.  I m honoring that loss as I embrace our new life and adventures.  Skipp and I are thrilled to be together here, any where - we are blessed by such love.

Being back in close touch with my eldest daughter Kristie is a gift beyond words. And her children are beautiful.  I have missed them for a long time - but not any more.  And so it goes - life that is - each day a challenge and a blessing - laughter and tears - fear and hope - joy and sadness - wonder - hope - faith - and above all else LOVE