Friday, December 27, 2013


"ACT THREE" we are. Almost the New Year, 2014.  I was quite amazed at the presents I received from my guy.  His choices, in many ways, defined many aspects of my life, and his too.  Glitter, compression socks, matching shirts and caps that say "Skipp & Gail's Wine Tasting Services", (cool, huh?), a flag for my scooter, a lighted cover for my Kindle, sparkling bangly hair combs, to name a few.  I was thrilled and overwhelmed.  I cried when I opened the flag and flag holder for my scooter. I never wanted that on my list.  But so be it....

Our Christmas Eve meal was traditional Italian with some add-ons. It was all so delicious and loving and warm and happy.  A few tears but way more laughs.  Christmas brunch was amazing.  Our traditional Jewish buffet with bagels, lox, smoked salmon, cream cheese and potatoe latkas.  Delish!  Later folks relaxed and Skipp and I prepared for Christmas dinner, a spiral glazed ham, broccoli-corn casserole, two quiches, more latkas and home made apple sauce.  As I sat at our table, there were six of us, Skipp and I, Dolan and his girl friend Natalie, my Sister Nancy and her son Ethan - all gathered around a festive table of reds and greens and candles and a bounty of food and blessings.  I felt something I hadn't felt in a long time. A satisfied tired. Let me explain...with MS I feel fatigued which is heavy and all consuming. But on Christmas I felt a glorious tired and was joyfully laden with love and family and good food, wine and blessings and gratitude.  The obvious difference I felt between fatigue and tired thrilled me to my core.

As we move forward in "ACT THREE" we are hopeful and prayerful.  Grateful and optimistic.  We have some valid fears too. Such is life...........A family member is going through the diagnostic process to find the source of some concerning symptoms.  We are all holding on and hanging on together as the journey continues and  questions are answered.  I cannot write about it just yet.  Please send prayers for all good outcomes.  So far, so good!!

My daughter announced that she and her guy are getting married in January.  A small union officiated by a Justice Of The Peace".  They will have a reception in the Fall but don't want to wait any more on getting married.  They seem very much in love.  We are going to have the JP come to a local restaurant and perform the ceremony, just ten people in attendance. We will host the evening, proudly.  A small buffet of hours'deurves and wine.  Skipp will bring his guitar and sing to her, of course.  :-) It will be a simple, loving and elegant event.

"ACT THREE" is a time of simple pleasures and blessings realized every day.  I am thrilled when I  enjoy a glass of wine, and feel loved and am aware of my blessings (like being regular!!) for one,)  :-),   The secret to a happy life regardless of the ACT lies somewhere within those events, ya think?  :-)

With love and hope for us all

Monday, December 2, 2013


I haven't posted in a while, I know.  I feel my blog has run its course, is coming to an end. Seems many readers have dropped off and fewer and fewer leave a comment. I understand.

It is time for new traditions, memories to be created, while still honoring some of our old and comforting traditions and recipes and family keepsakes.  I miss my Mom a lot! last year we were so busy with the huge move that the chaos distracted the loss. This year? I feel ever emotion of loss and also every memory of what was AND her love is every where, eternal within, ingrained and alive. Such a gift!!

":ACT THREE" IS TAKING CENTER STAGE.  :-)  I may re-name or start a new blog titled "ACT THREE".  I am thinking about it.

Here are some pictures..

Thanksgiving bounty, so many blessings

 Our festive bungalow decorated for Christmas.  Warm and cozy.

And so the Season is here. A time of hope and promise to sustain us throughout the year. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season filled with the love of family and friends and blessings.