Saturday, November 28, 2015

Moving on to The Homestead On Mount-Hope"

And so it is the plan - with faith and God's will we will be moving one month from today on December 28th to what we have named "The Homestead On Mount-Hope" Here are some pictures of our brand new home.

The view from our front door - that s the Allegheny forest and mountains
Our kitchen area
And living room
Front door and where the ramp will be built
Skipp in the living room
Master bath - there is another full bathroom and two more bedrooms

It is quite an adventurous move - leaving Connecticut and moving some 400 miles away. There is so much and so many we will miss.  Leaving my sister is so sad and complicated.  We have seen each other every day for three years since we moved into our cozy bungalow attached to her house.  The decision for her to sell her house was agonizing - but so it is done - the decision is made. And we all must move on.

One of the blessed miracles is that my eldest daughter has softened and opened her heart.  I kept candles aglow in the windows for ten years as a symbol of light and hope to guide her home - and she has seen the light - hallelujah!!~  She along with our grandchildren live on a huge farm just 10 minutes from our new home on "The Homestead On Mount-Hope"

My hospitalization in October was a scary set back for me. I continue to strengthen, adjust and manage my health. I believe that once we are beyond the chaos of this huge move and are settled at "Mount-Hope"that I/we will find a peaceful rhythm again.

This Christmas season is filled with promise, truth, blessings, miracles, soft and harsh realities, purpose and hope.....Our love and faith is  strong and continues to sustain us during the best and worst of times....we count our blessings every day -  Amen.