Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I wrote in my previous post about what really matters is how we effect one another.  If only everyone would take time to consider their effect on others - if only...............perhaps the assumption here is that we all hope to effect for the good, in kind, lovingly and 
honorably.  Not always the case, I know.  Let's all agree to be aware of our effect on others and that if it is a person's intention  to cause harm, well, don't do that!! DON'T DO THAT!!

Okay, enough ranting.  Moving on to some more gained wisdom.  It is about the gift of purpose and place in someones life.  What a wonderful gift we give to another when we let them know we need them.  Not in an overly dependent way but in a way that matters by honoring their gifts and talents - for that person simply being who they are - and how the place they have in our lives makes a positive difference, offers counsel and solace and understanding and hope.  That they matter to you.  And it is a double gift when you are the same to them and they too hold a place for you and value you and you have a purpose in their life.  
These priceless gifts of purpose and place can lift a broken spirit, heal a broken heart, right a wrong, sustain life, give life, save a life and bring light to darkness.  I think I have made my point - :-)  

For all the people in your life that need you and hold your place in their life dear -cherish them. And for all those that you have a place held dear and whose life is of value to you - tell them, loudly, softly, shout it, whisper it- and know, really -really know - this give and take, this sharing is at the very core of humanity - it is how we survive - it is how we come to believe we matter.  It is how we learn to love ourselves and be loved and love - PURPOSE AND PLACE - be generous with each.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How we effect one another is all that really matters.

I recall, a few days after my Mom passed away.  I was sitting on the couch and bracing myself for what I needed to explore. I had a different language for it back then, - I was going to look back over my life and see if I had any regrets as to how I treated my Mom.  I was, in actuality, exploring how I had effected her.   I was so profoundly relieved to really know that I had always effected her well, considered her, showed her love and honor and kindness and all things good.  There was one time when I left the area and moved away for about a year.  My leaving had a hurtful effect on her and my Dad - I was so thankful I had made amends years before while they were both alive.

This wisdom about how we effect one another is certainly not new - however it is intensifying, deepening and is the recognizable guide upon which I do most everything.  Oh I am  not a saint or perfect, and I catch myself doing or saying something unkind from time to time - but not without immediate regret. And immediate amends.

I have people in my life that have not come to embrace this wisdom and one day, they too will have to atone.  I do wonder if everyone faces this self realization of how they have effected others.  If so, I do hope it is sooner than later and before it is too late.  It is hard to atone when the person or persons we effected badly are gone.  

I can honestly say that in this moment in time I am free of needing to make amends for how I may have effected another negatively. I do my best to consider others, act kindly, and 'listen'........ This understanding is so gentle and so natural now.  I am humbled and so grateful to have received and embraced this wisdom and to abide by its life-giving force.