Friday, June 28, 2013


Our home and some of our garden on THE TRAIL.......

our yard in Winter.......

I could go on and on and fill pages with pictures but those of you who have followed my blog have seen all the holidays and decor and colors and hues and gatherings on THE TRAIL......

It seems like the final closing details took forever, they did. But today it is final -  the Trail has been transferred to the new owners.  Our hearts are so heavy.  I will share the letter I/we wrote to the new owners:

Dear Elizabeth & family-

We leave here with many wonderful memories and our wishes that you enjoy a wonderful, peaceful, loving, bountiful life here where you and many find comfort, solace, hope, music, laughter, love and strength. It is good here.

A few things we want to share with you.

First about the garden.  You will be truly in awe of its beauty and aromas.  The butterfly bush, the one between the two evergreen bushes which needs to be cut back to about 12" in March, not before. (We did it for this year) It will grow high and should be surrounded by a metal cone type support so it stands upwards.    Wait until you see the hundreds of butterflies.

Second - please be sure and put up a humming bird feeder out front - they will be waiting by May 1st.  The feeder is overdue to be in place out front.  They come every year.  You will be truly entertained and inspired by their flight and beauty, chirp and humming.  Glorious.

The lilac bush/tree has been pruned two years and may need a third year so it comes in full, The lilacs smell delicious and are so lovely.  Enjoy.

 The wood Stove  - it is such a wonderful accent and source of warmth, lovely ambiance and comfort.
Keep covered barrels, at least 2 filled with kindling wood.  We gathered kindling every year along the woods edge and in the woods.  Always fun.  Keep the barrels on the deck for the Winter.  Have your seasoned wood delivered - the truck can back up right near those two trees where we have our wood stacked. (Which seems to have dwindled down since January - perhaps taken by someone in need of warmth).

 The iron wood holder out by the deck should be moved on to the deck for the Winter and kept full for easy access - and the iron wood holder inside should be kept full so you are sure your wood is dry for burning.  Also, keep kindling inside as well so it is dry.

The colors and hues in this home are lovely.  In the Fall the shadows in the dining room are breath-taking, hints of green and burgundy and deep violets - stunning.  The view from the upstairs back room is the best in the house.  Just sit in front of the window and partake of the nature that surrounds.

The master bedroom skylight is so amazing - you can see all the elements, the moon and stars, sky and storms, rain and snow, clouds drifting by - all so beautiful...

We hope the rest of 2013 and many years to come  bring you joy and peace, health and freedoms to live as you believe is right - this home is a haven that will become the essence of your love and spirit - as it did ours - we leave some of our truth and love in the shadows, corners and space between here and there - we are forever ingrained in the design and memory of our life on the Trail....keep a candle or two lit in the windows because someone is always lost and will look for a light to guide them home...

Gail & Skipp and Gracie Blue