Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tis' The Season

Hi to my blogger friends -
It's been a while, I know - summer  was tough - some health issues to manage -and my hand/wrist is finally healing from the over-use due to the rollator and cane which puts a lot of pressure on my hands and wrists and arms - upper body.   I am still not full strength or full range of motion - I am 60 to 70% improved. Phew..... I am grateful for that.

Skipp and I are still madly in love and in 'like' - so blessed to have such beautiful intimacy, joy, laughter, music, shared meals and Winter wine,  and humble gratitude for our simple, loving life together.  Every moment is savored and never taken for granted.  

Our Thanksgiving was bountiful with family and a shared meal - 

Our Christmas celebrations will be glorious in the most traditional and loving of ways - we will honor years of Christmas traditions by preparing time-honored foods for Christmas Eve - a macaroni dish called "pasrierri" made with very thick spaghetti and ricotta cheese and baked, calamari, and poppy seed rolls, to name a few.  We gather and share and read 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'....

Christmas day brunch is of Jewish persuasion to honor Skipps heritage - he being adopted and raised Jewish. Like I have said many time, he is the only Jewish - Indian you will ever meet!  :-)  We have laktes (potato pancakes), bagels w/cream cheese, lox, salmon and smoked white fish, quiche and bakalava........ 

Below are some pictures of our home decorated and festive - 

Merry Christmas to you all - with wishes of hope, peace and health for us all - Amen