Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 On my way off the stairs
And, I, we are in and afloat.

Hot and humid enough?  My God........for the most part I stay in the A/C and avoid the heat and humidity.  This weather causes such havoc with MS symptoms.  I also learned some things about myself, having MS and being in water.

I can't swim any more.  I was stunned by this reality.

  I made it in to the pool and was in the four foot end.  I stretched out to swim from side to side and sank like a brick.  And I could not right myself upward to stand again either. My legs could not kick enough to keep me afloat and my arms could barely keep my head above water as my lower half sank.  I struggled to the side, spitting and sputtering water and once safe burst in to tears of relief and anger at how my body betrayed me.

I had NO idea I could not swim. In most all situations I can assess with amazing accuracy what I can and cannot do, like climbing a higher step or navigating about an outdoor landscape unfamiliar to my routine and so forth.  I never even considered NOT being able to swim.  I think my lack of self awareness was the most shocking because I pride myself on my intuitive sense and ability to assess risk, etc. Had I known.......or been aware, well.............

So, as you can see I have a two-whaled float device and also a large tire tube (not seen here), and my Skipp, (seen here), :-) ,   to keep my head above water, literally.  Little by little I will re-learn how to use my legs in water.  Who knew?

Also, finding my way to the pool over three decks and up and down stairs with and without railings and high steps in to the pool and out....I am refreshed, exhausted and cooled to the core afterwards and also my feet don't burn. Amen....

And so too the one year anniversary of my Mom's passing has come and gone this past July 13th.  Hard to believe it's been a whole year.  I miss her and remember her and feel her loving presence and spirit every day.

I put one of her favorite songs on FaceBook, sung in her native language-Italian, and by one of her favorite tenor-opera singing groups, Il Divo, "Hallelujah".......sit back and enjoy.......