Saturday, September 7, 2013

North of 50%

A dear friend of mine sent me an email the other day expressing her sadness that I wasn't yet 100% in being over an MS related symptom I have been managing as best I can.  Her words struck me because I realized that I haven't been 100% for quite some time.   I am rather used to my less than 100% status, in fact, anything "north of 50%" is a good day.  Seems, when, whatever I am managing leaves me less than 50% 'normal (whatever that is) then my world is quite focused on the issue rather than simply 'being, living', doing, and not so -self-absorbed with the task of managing.  So ya, 'north of 50% is do-able......

Below, are some pictures of me on my new scooter and one of me and my Sister at our town 350th celebration festival. Definitely 'north of 50%!! It was freeing and sobering, humbling and bittersweet.

That's a dream catcher on the front of my basket.  There is a scarf around the steering column which I need to change to a brighter one.  Ya think?
Today is a beautiful day.  It is cool and dry, breezy and sunny.  Old friends from "The Trail" are coming for lunch. And my heart soared as I watched my guy sweeping our deck and readying our bungalow for our guests arrival.  I was thrilled at his sense of pride, of 'home' - which has been a long time adjusting to - we are home, and today? We are both north of 50%!!!!