Monday, September 17, 2012

Closer to freedom.....

In my life - so much to recall, hold dear, celebrate, mourn, rage over, laugh over, cry about, scream loud, sigh gently, love and on and on......   Below are some random pictures of our world here in North Guilford , CT.  Oh, the memories.... first is a view from the front window in Winter, second a view from the back and side in Autumn, third - one Mother's Day out back, me, Mom and Sis,  fourth is our Christmas tree and lastly, the Winter we first got our rescue dog, Gracie Blue.
. As we transition from our home the adventure is bittersweet.  Life has made it clear that our time here is coming to an end and our golden years will be lived out in Clinton - in my Mom's place.  Divine intervention I believe. We are redoing the kitchen and bathroom and putting in new floors and carpeting.  Meanwhile we are downsizing and sorting through all our stuff.  Quite an overwhelming task.  We cry and remember every day some facet of our blessed years here.  So many were celebrated, enjoyed, helped, fed, clothed, given warmth and a place to rest and find solace and love, music and laughter, wine and peace. We loved deeply and honorably and cared for one another during the best and worst of life's challenges.  Holidays were wonderful and bountiful and delicious and full of love, hope was alive no matter what, even when I was diagnosed with MS, - The miracle of forgiveness graced us from years ago, and relationships were healed and renewed.  Storms were survived and times of smooth sailing bestowed and enjoyed and never taken for granted.  This home has served us and many so well.  Leaving is difficult and heart wrenching and yet our new world, life, adventure is one of freedoms on many levels.  Freedom to live within our means comfortably and humbly, freedom from worry about bill collectors and banks interfering with out peace of mind and security, freedom from long hours at work creating the freedom to "be" together more which is all we really want - our time together.  My sister wont be lonely and I will never be alone.  And, in time, as years go by, when either one of us passes on the other will be fine in our home - affordable and manageable.  So now is the time to make this transition when we are able and in charge of outcomes, for the most part, and knowing there are no guarantees.
Every day there are "Changes" which brings us one step closer to freedom, yes, one step closer.