Friday, October 9, 2015


And so the direction is set - our faces to the wind - a journey north-west to upstate NY - where my eldest daughter awaits - with open loving arms and heart - saying it is "her turn now to be there for me"  The blessings in this fill my spirit with hope and joy and renewed faith.  
As I shared in the post before this one (which no one commented on-huh!)  anyway - I kept candles in all the windows for over 10 years so she would be guided by the light to find her way home.  And so she has in matters of the heart she is "home" with me - my baby-girl came home.  
Having her and my grandchildren waiting on the other end of this emotional journey gives me strength to carry on - keep moving. Our new home is only ten minutes from where she lives.  And my other daughter is planning on moving near us come Spring. My son told me he will always find his way to me - always.  
I am blessed.