Tuesday, September 6, 2016

As Autumn approaches

Hello to all -

It has been a while - I know.  I have missed posting however life was calling me in other ways to face new challenges.   I have managed and came up well on the other side of an added health challenge to MS - I am blessed to be stable and in rhythm again so I can live freely, prayerfully and peaceably.

Our loife hwere in Western NY is beautiful.  The mountains and our surroundings bring me joy. bring us joy

 our gnome village/garden
 ouyr wishing well and all decorations out front
the Allegheny mountains - glorious

We continue to make this home, here on Mount Hope (as we named it) I still miss our familiar life back in Connecticut - and at times I still feel like I am on vacation and will go back "home" soon.  Happily, those thoughts are farther and fewer between.

We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on August 29th along with BOTH of our birthdays.  My sister came to celebrate with us and we had a lovely weekend celebrating.

Having  birthday/anniversary dinner at "Patria - a great Italian restaurant at the Seneca casino.

And so Fall is approaching - I love the cooler temps and the colors and hues of the world here - I am excited for the Holidays and our first Thanksgiving and Christmas here.  Bittersweet too as we make new traditions while remembering what was for many years. One new and wonderful tradition already time honmored since we arrived here is this:  Befdore we leave our bedroom in the morni g to start our day we sit n the edge of the bed together - I nestle onto his chest while he holds me close and our hands entwine - we speak words of love and promise -  

Surrender is a gift. This move has and continues to bring me from acceptance to surrender as I have done often in my life.  Below is a copy of an earlier post about the journey from acceptance to surrender - I felt it fitting......

"The Journey From Acceptance To Surrender".

The journey from acceptance to surrender. It can be long or short, depending on what it is one is dealing with. Winning the lotto? Pretty quick journey! Being betrayed by someone you love? A diagnosis of a life-changing illness?? etc..... These are a longer and more difficult journey. Agreed?

For the sake of this writing let's all agree that acceptance happens in our heads. It is a conflict of thoughts; bargaining, arguing, angering, resisting, denying, fighting, wishing, praying, begging, raging - getting the picture? It is pure chaos!

So what of surrender then? It happens deep inside. It is a total experience and captures our essence and core. It is: a relief, peaceful, hopeful, freeing, pure, cleansing, and has a new direction. New direction? Yes. A new direction.

 So okay, you stop running, you face "IT", whatever it s
And so the challenge for all of us is to honor our truths for what they are and then add another meaning to them to bring purpose and light to our truths, our "It's" never possible had these IT's not occurred.

As I begin my exploration of freedom I am reminded that my truth is the foundation upon which my freedom must be realized - otherwise I will be fighting my own reality and spin until I fall. Not happening. I am beginning to 'test' the waters some - to see what I can successfully do with M S. For example - I know I will not be in a dance competition but I sure can dance. - If only for a few minutes I CAN DANCE!! I can drive, not at night or on the highway but I can get around during the day to do errands or visit my Mom or a friend. I can walk- I need support with a friendly arm or my cane or myrollator - but I can walk - not all that far but I can walk. Thank God I can walk. Freedom has some new meanings for me folks - I am not the same nor is my life before this diagnosis. That is simply the truth. That's not to say that within these changes I cannot be free - and it is that new meaning of freedom I am defining. Yes, Yes I am!! :-)
Love Gail,  peace......

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Finding my way 'home'

It's been a while, I know. We are settling in, adjusting,  designing for easy access, decorating, and making our 'Homestead On Mount Hope', home.  Some days I still feel like I am on vacation and l that I will find my way back home to Connecticut and my/our life there.  Change is truly a process and not an event.

Here are some pictures of our life here - our world, family and joys:

 The ramp all completed -that is our Grandson Jacob who came to help spread gravel for our driveway
 A perfect back deck - just enough for us.  The tree is nature's umbrella
 The foundation ready for our shed to be delivered this Friday
 Skipp buuilding a table to hold the totes we will use to grow a variety of vegetables.
 My granddaughter Leanna and I all spruced up after an afternoon at the hair salon. Nice
The beautiful view from my daughter Kristie's farm house atop a hill on 110 acres. Glorious.  We are reunited and it is wonderful.

Our life here is simple, free, loving, sometimes a bit too autonomous but we are happy for that too - so it is a balance, ya know?   It is a different culture and life style here.  For example, they have a redemption center which is where you turn in your cans for cash.  Add to that, they will come and pick up your cans, bring them back to the center, cash you out, and if you want  beer (which is sold in the same building), they will buy it for you and bring it to you with any change from the cans as well. Can you even imagine? :-) Also, we live on Seneca Indian reservation land -  we cannot buy lottery tickets unless we are out of the boundaries of Indian land!    They do NOT know how to make  decent pizza anywhere close to us. Sigh.....  We make our own, thank goodness.

The folks are friendly enough - simple, natural, neighborly; so we blend well in that regard.  There are golf curses, ski resorts, camp grounds, cabin rentals and all types of outdoor activities - skiing, rafting, snow-mobile-ing,   fishing, mountain trails, horseback riding, camping sites, the casino, and all within minutes of our home here in the Allegheny forest/mountains.  The Amish are all around us living their 1800 century life style, horse and buggy, little house on the prairie style of dress - fascinating.

As Spring takes hold we will get out more and become comfortable with our surroundings - there is a whole new world to explore. This time of transition is a challenge and a blessing - I stay open to every opportunity - and so long as I/we do all things with LOVE, well, we will prosper. And in time, find our way home.....Amen

Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome to our "Homestead On Mount Hope"

And so it is true - we arrived safely here in Western New York to our new Homestead in Hemlock Hills Park -

It was a very long drive especially since we went through a huge snow/ice storm which added almost thee hours to our trip.  I believe 'Jesus' took the wheel and guided us safely through.  Our home is lovely - in a small quaint wooded community.

The pine trees all around us are huge. And the mountains are gorgeous.  The view is breathtaking.

I have certainly been challenged to find a new rhythm in our new home.  Every turn and corner, hallway and function requires my/our careful attention and plan for safety, ease and confidence.  At first I felt I would not be able to navigate with any feeling of certainty - as time has passed I am finding my rhythm and comfort.  We have made adjustments and rearranged the layout for easier and safer movement about.  It is difficult to move to a new home and even more so when one has to consider the safety needs of living with a disability such as MS.

Come on in and take a look around - set a spell - k?


Our living room and kitchen

Great kitchen - love the shadow boxes - great space for our herbs and spices

The relaxing reading-music-computer room.  I so enjoy this room

Our cozy lovely bedroom

The extra bedroom for family and friends to visit. Nice, huh?

And so we are here - I have yet to venture out due to the weather and my own weakness from the major transition and energy needed to gain my balance and rhythm, strength and confidence.  I am working on it. I am getting ready!! I do miss my/our life in Connecticut.  I m honoring that loss as I embrace our new life and adventures.  Skipp and I are thrilled to be together here, any where - we are blessed by such love.

Being back in close touch with my eldest daughter Kristie is a gift beyond words. And her children are beautiful.  I have missed them for a long time - but not any more.  And so it goes - life that is - each day a challenge and a blessing - laughter and tears - fear and hope - joy and sadness - wonder - hope - faith - and above all else LOVE