Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is a good day.......

I love how Winter and Spring blend - each believing they are in full force.  It is snowing here today - and has picked up in intensity since I took these pictures.  The daffodil stems are covered in white and the green buds are hiding.  Spring is like a 'lady-in-waiting'.  :-) Winter, a gallant prince.  
And today is a day of wonderful celebration.  My son Dolan was born today at 8:38 this morning - weighing in at 9 pounds 9 ounces.  Ouch!   He was so beautiful when he was born.  They laid him on me right after he was born and we rested snuggled and I told him things that only a new Mother knows right after they see their child for the first time.  It was glorious.  And his life has been purposeful and well-intended.  He is a published writer and an English teacher at an International High School.  He teaches English as a second language.  He directed and performed in a comedy troupe for several years called 'Group Of Names' and they performed in such places as Carolines in Manhattan and many other venues.  He lived in Prague for a year and traveled throughout Europe and he also traveled across the United States one summer with two good friends.  He is a good man - and cares about all life - he is sensitive, wise beyond his years and very, very funny.  His intelligence is mind boggling - and his gentle approach to challenges and obstacles, inspiring.  He is a very old and beautiful soul.  And one of my greatest gifts and blessings.

Meanwhile, Skipp and I are still like two school kids on vacation - that summer right before High School where the future is unknown and a bit scary - but together, we know we will meet the challenge.  Every meal, every wake up, every walk, every laugh, every tear, every humble moment of gratitude - we are thrilled to just be together.  Hallelujah!!

Since it is snowing today we are going to tape and get ready to do some more painting.  Have tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch and frolic a bit with our Gracey-Blue.  She loves the snow. Did I  mention that TODAY IS A GOOD DAY.  Well, now I have.  :-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The $250,000.00 envelope was mailed today.

Yes, worth close to a quarter of a million dollars.  I am sure you are all wondering, "what?" And so I will tell you.

Some years back, when my son started college I secured some of his tuition through a "parent's assist" program.  Even though he was granted large sums  in scholarships and grants each year fell short.  I, without hesitation, secured the rest for each year until he graduated, cum laude I might add from, NYU.   I paid faithfully every month until my health insisted I work part time and eventually my health was such that I took early retirement, and went on to Social Security Disability.  I knew I had to adjust my monthly payment and so I called my lender.  And we spoke and I told him of my 'situation' and that I needed to lower my payment.  He went on to say that I was in good standing and that he would be sendin gme a form to complete and have signed by my doctor.  He went on to say that once he received that completed form he would forward it on to the payment department and that my loan should be "forgiven".!!    I froze in space for a moment, and I said, "excuse me, did you say forgiven as in wiped clean"?  And he said, yes, exactly, "forgiven as in no longer owed"!!  We spoke further about the paperwork etc., and concluded our call.  I completed the form and my doctor signed it and my neurologist wrote a letter attesting to my permanent disability, as well.  It is all in the envelope and being mailed today.  Phew.  The reason I came up with almost a quarter million dollars as an amount is because with the interest over years and years that's close to how much I would have paid back on the original $60,000.00 owed, accumulated over the four years.  Of course, I will be unsure until I actually receive the 'notice of forgiveness' but who knew such a thing even existed?  Certainly not me.   Fingers and toes crossed  And wouldn't it be quite ironic if my having been diagnosed with MS also had a monetary value of almost a quarter of a million dollars. Now that is a real mind boggler-blower of monumental proportion.

I am beyond the worst of the tests and the more or less generic one is on hold for now.  One test was like being tazered, really - tazered over and over again for about forty minutes.  .  Never again.  I wasn't going to go at all but instead I pushed them up and got them over with.  And as far as these tests directing or changing treatment?  Didn't happen.  I have nerve damage, "duh", I freaking knew that already.  And balance?, I know it is off - again, "duh"!!  So I am through with those.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and love and concern and care. 

And so life goes on.  Irony, fair, unfair, surprises, challenges.  We feel good about doing the right thing, well right according to us - maybe someone else would see a greater or different 'right'.  I do think that two rights can coexist and it is hard to choose which right is more right in the moment.  And choosing one right over the other right doesn't negate the rightness of the one not chosen.  Wow, now there's amouthful, huh?  :-)  We have always been generous and shared our fortune of home and love and kindness, helping those in need albeit for food, shelter, safety, understanding, celebration, sorrow and on and on.  We do what we can when asked.  Now it is the right thing for us to take care of us as well, or first or.................

you see- Skipp lost his job on Friday.  As much as the hostile work environment he tolerated every day was a huge relief to be free of he was devastated that he was let go due to differences of managerial style.  Skipp being one who manages with respect, kindness, fairness, and team work and his owner _______________ And as much as we are SO happy to be together it is a scary time for us financially. And the BIG issue is health insurance.  We have much to sort out, cut back, redefine, adjust and accept.

We believe in 'us' and that we will get through this regardless of what changes we must make. We are scared and excited too as this is our time now - together - to set the stage for our life. We have people who love us and really care and that will lend support.  Our biggest asset is our love for one another and and our desire to always be greatful and count our blessings.  But this is our time, yes,  "Our time".......


 Love Gail, peace.......