Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wondering why -

I am struggling with some negative thoughts.  I am unsettled about some things, people actually.  SO many wonderful, loving and kind people that knew and loved my Mom came forward to celebrate her life, acknowledge the loss of her passing and provide support and understanding in a variety of ways to all of us who feel her passing so strongly. So why am I feeling upset and hurt and focused on  people that I thought would have come forward and did not!  Or, the menial way they did acknowledge in no way honored the huge loss or the abundance of my Mom's life.  People I really thought cared and would offer some support and somehow share in this life changing event in my/our life and did not.  I am stunned by these people's lack of compassion and support. Stunned!  I need to shake these feeling off because they are not easy to feel and certainly have no place in my loving memories of my Mom and my grief journey, or do they?  And there lies my confusion.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A letter to Angel-care givers!

This is a copy of the letter we sent to the skilled nursing facility that cared for our Mom with such dignity, kindness and skill in her final days.  we are forever in their debt.

Gail Eichinger/Nancy Kelly
56 Saginaw Trail
Guilford, CT 06437  
203-457-9394 (Gail) or 860-669-6932 (Nancy)

Watrous Nursing Facility
9 Neck Rd
Madison, CT

We are  writing to you all today to express our gratitude.  We want to mention some of our experiences - were we to mention them all we would need a novel. Please understand that every one of you that cared for our Mom is a “10" and more - and if we forgot a name, please don’t take offense - your kind faces are etched in our hearts forever.

Joanna - Marie - Harsity - Laneese - Craig - Rebecca - Tom - Kerry - Sean - Chickie - Heather - Ferdinand and all

Sean - you were there to welcome us and our Mom on the day she arrived - there was a dark scrape on the floor and you stayed until every last bit of that mark was cleaned.  And then, so too you were there, cleaning our Mom’s sink on her final day - in her final moment and as she took her last breath.  Your purpose and presence was exactly as our Mom would have liked.  We so appreciate all that you do to make your patients “home” beautiful and sparkling.

Lanese - oh my - your loving approach was amazing and our Mom adored you, so much so that she wanted to adopt you. Your beautiful spirit touched her and us profoundly.

Tom - you carried and transferred our Mom like she was a fragile bird - with such care and kindness - we heard that you came back just to say ‘goodbye’ to her that Friday - “thank you” Tom for all you do to make your patients feel so safe and important.

Craig - you beautiful man.  You went above and beyond to ensure our Mom had the foods she would and could eat.  You never gave up and you did it with true patience and understanding of just how delicate her appetite was.  She enjoyed her last meals because of you.

Ferdinand - always so helpful wanting to please.  Your smile is beautiful.

Marie - you were always so concerned about just the right medication, dosage, timing and were so eager to call and adjust and tweak to ensure her comfort.  Your kindness and skill made such a difference in her comfort and peace of mind.

Harsity - your voice in advocating for our Mom was steady and unyielding.  You too made sure her medication orders were followed up in a timely manner.  Also, you always informed us of our Mom’s condition in great detail which meant so much to us.

Chickie-Heather-Kerry -Jennifer - you all were so attentive to our Mom’s needs, bathroom runs, bathing, making sure she was dressed and looking lovely, getting her ready for bed and on and on.  Your passion for caring for those in such need was evident in every caring deed you performed with patience, love and dignity.  I am humbled by your life’s work and filled with gratitude that our Mom was being cared for by each and everyone of you. And Jennifer - you found her green nightie.

Rebecca - and it was you who cared for our Mom after she passed.  I am in awe of your ministry to care for those that have passed.  My sister said she looked beautiful and comfy and angelic after you cared for her.  There are no words to effectively express our heartfelt thanks.

Joanna, oh Joanna - you always took your time - your voice so calming and gentle.  Our Mom adored you.  We would watch in awe, delight and gratitude every time you attended to her with such skill, kindness, care and a touch of humor which our Mom so enjoyed. We loved how you spoke softly and always leaned in to her - your comforting presence surrounding her.  YOU are an angel.  We are so grateful for you and honored to have been blessed with your caring ministry of service to our Mom and so many.

If we could we would read this on bended knee - that is the depth of our gratitude, honor, and respect for all of you at Watrous.   For our Mom Louise we thank you.
With highest regard and gratitude
Gail Eichinger                   Nancy Kelly

Friday, July 13, 2012

Louise "Liberata" Eichinger- Marranzino

.......and so today is a day of great sorrow and of great relief and of honor for a full life, well lived with faith and love and purpose.

My Mom passed away today - she went peacefully-  and passed over with dignity and calm surrender.  A spiritual pastor came by yesterday - prayed with her, over her and tears rolled down this woman's a face because she felt my Mom's faith and said she could see her bright halo -  it was a beautiful moment.  There were many beautiful moments of the purest of intention, of love, family and faith  that I will cherish for all of my days. She taught us about faith right until the final moment.  Amen.

two Mother's Days ago................