Sunday, March 22, 2015


My beautiful Mom one Mother's day enjoying our garden and wooded yard.  So lovely. 
My Mom went to a nursing home for the last few weeks of her life.  Her surrender was peaceful and her surroundings were filled with good people, excellent care and an unspoken finality that hurt all of our hearts.  
And so it came, a gentle rain one day.  I could feel my heart break because I knew how much my Mom loved listening to the rain especially when she was in bed and the nursing home didn't allow windows to be open.  I knew she couldn't hear the rain and and it broke my heart.  We had given her a rain stick one year so I went and got hers and brought it back to the nursing home for her.  It wasn't the same.  I was very sad.   I so wanted her to have what she so loved - being able to hear the rain..........

From this I came to  know what matter in life - it's not money, fame, travels, possessions.  It's as simple and glorious as being able to listen to the rain and knowing you are loved enough that someone knew it mattered.  

What is your gentle rain?  What is the gentle rain in the lives of those you love? 
I hope you all know......