Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi all - just a few pictures of some of our day trips along the shores of Clinton and Guilford.  Glorious and peaceful times together.  I am so humbled and grateful.  Each day when I awake my strongest feelings are that I am loved and blessed.  Even though the challenges and harsh realities are just beneath the surface, most days the love and blessings overpower those realities and keep their emotional impact beneath the love.  

One of the adorable and  precious acts of kindness and love Skipp does is this:  when he opens a new orange juice he will pour a  bit out and drink it so that there is room to 'shake' the juice and then he pours my juice.  When I saw him do this my heart melted.  And the beauty is it is just so natural for him.  The best type of selfless giving.  It is simply how he loves.  And the examples are endless, on going and often new and wonderfully surprising. 

He would say I am selfless as well and that I am forever considering him in all that I do. And ya kn ow? He's right.  It is how I love. 

We so appreciate our time together. Every moment is a gift and a blessing and neither of us take any of our love and time for granted.  We savor one another.  And still, after decades he is "still the one" that does it for me and me for him.  I need only to think about the magic of his touch and technique and I am halfway 'there' - if you get my drift.  Surrendering to him is heaven.

And so my friends, love is in full bloom here - reaching new heights and daily simple pleasures. I hope love is within and all around all of you.