Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Wont Back Down

Okay, I officially dislike 'systems', corporate systems are the worst.  That "$250,000.00 diagnosis post I wrote - where-in my parents-plus loan could be "forgiven"  Hah!!  There is a loop-hole.  Seems that any loans secured after 1993 don't qualify!!  What?  What does "when" have to do with "why"??  I am on Social Security Disability and I cannot work.  Duh!!  I do meet criteria for "unable to work" which has a different process after 1993.  Every six months I fill out the "I cannot work" form and I can do this for thirty six months = six times.  Then I qualify for financial hardship which will defer the loan for another 25 months.  Perhaps it is me but if one cannot work the obvious outcome is a financial hardship.  Can you even believe this rhetoric??!!  SO for the next six years I can defer the loans as outlined above.After that I have NO idea.    I am not at all happy with this plan.  I am going to contact an attorney because I find it very odd that I was told to submit VERY personal health information signed by two physicians which I was told would then qualify me for 'loan-relief'.  Clearly, when I was told of this option it was known that my loans were secured after 1993 and therefore the conditions stated above applied.  So why then would 'they direct me to submit the "personal health information" necessary to be relieved from the loan full well knowing I didn't have a chance in hell because my loans were secured after 1993.  .  Mind - boggling!  I swear I am going to 'stand my ground' AND "I Wont Back Down"

Monday, May 9, 2011

A villa in Tuscany and a rainbow

(play the video as you read)  :-)

The sun shined brightly, warmly, as a breeze swirled around us in gentle delight.The scent of lilacs filled the air, the bees were busy , calmly buzzing, birds sang and the brook babbled gently.  A day so beautiful, so filled with blessings.  As my Mom and I sat together before dinner we were so thrilled for this moment in time.  Skipp turned the CD speaker to face out the window and put on one of my Mom's favorite singers - Andrea Boccelli - as he sang for us and we were surrounded and consumed we felt like we were in Tuscany - at a villa -

Just before we had given her a gardenia corsage.  She cried oh so softly as she recalled a time when my Dad bought her one while they were in New York City 50 years ago.  She delighted in the aroma and I could feel her memories so alive.  Our meal was so lovely, so kind and loving.  I felt overwhelmed with the gifts of love around us and with in us - almost too much to absorb in the best of ways.

As we drove home a sun shower popped up - and my Mom said "after a Spring rain rainbows appear"  And within seconds, right before us appeared the most beautiful rainbow of hues of lavender, mint green, blue, yellow, pink - it was divine.  We were in awe and kept thanking our God for the natural gift of a rainbow. 

Our day together was so wonderful - "I love you Mom"

Love, Gail    peace.......

Monday, May 2, 2011


It's been a while since I have posted.  Partly because my life is so different in the best of ways because Skipp is  not working and therefore home with me.  We love being together - each day an adventure of simple pleasures, blessings, gratitude, laughter, music, shared meals and kindness.  Of course, everything has a price - and we are concerned about our finances and very concerned about health insurance.  We have applications in process and still have another month of 100% coverage while we explore options. And come November I am eligible for MediCare because I am on disability and Skipp can continue on whatever insurance we get until he has employment with benefits.  Phew.

Also, I had a minor setback with the MS where I had extreme weakness in my bad leg (the right one) and I have had to 'beef up' my toning and strengthening and also elevation of the leg so to improve and to avoid IV steroids!! Slowly, it is coming back to my abnormal-normal.   And, I have done something to the upper muscles in both arms, - I believe due to the extra strain of compensating for the weakness in my leg.  I am going to the doctor tomorrow for that.  Geesh.

I wanted to put some thoughts out about patience and tolerance and hopefully hear back from you about your understanding of these words.  I wrote on Face Book that I believe ..........."patience is when you are waiting/hoping for something/someone to change and tolerance is when you accept 'whatever as it is and whomever just as they are." Thoughts? As I delve even deeper patience can actually appear righteous if I am waiting for someone to 'come around to my way of thinking because I believe I am more right!!.  And that whomever will 'see the light' as I do.  Oh my.  Patience is also a gift to one's self and to another if we are quietly supportive while some one else finds their way, reaches their goal or resolves a problem.  Patience has many faces.  Tolerance has only one face,  - that of acceptance - regardless of how different or odd whatever//whomever may seem - some things are not for us to decide - only to accept.  Of course I am NOT speaking about evil or acts against humanity or hate crimes and so forth.  puh-lease! I/you/we have every right to rise up against such injustice.  Tolerance, for this writing is about people living their lives, being who they are, believing as they do for the greater good.  

Patience? Tolerance?  What do you think?