Sunday, January 27, 2013


 We stopped for a bloody mary - it was so good  mmmmm
Above is our 'Town Beach' very quaint and peaceful.
 More of our Town beach
 Our Gracie-Blue growing up.  She is about 80 pounds now.

And ending with  the moon against a dark Winter's night sky.

We enjoy our weekends together.  Skipp is off on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday is his long day, and then the other days he is home until 3:30.  We are adjusting.

Our Town beach is lovely,.  The houses around it are mostly 16th century homes - all restored.  There are barns, and grape vines on over hanging wooden trelaces  and fences and widows peaks atop roofs - iron gates and horse troths now as flower boxes.  We try to explore every weekend and as we were out and about I was in the  mood for a 'bloody-mary'.  We went to a local pub and had one and it was delicious.  We are adjusting.

Gracie is all settled in.  She is happy being where ever we are.  Such an amazing, loving 'pack-dog'.  She is adjusting.

We were inspired by the Winter moon and wish we were better photographers to capture just how beautiful it was.  Hopefully you got a hint.

So, life is unfolding as it should here at our Bungalow and about Town.  We were boggled and bummed when the buyers for our home on 'The Trail' backed out in the 11th hour so now we are back to square one.  The clock is ticking for this short-sale deal to be viable - and that reality is harsh as it reminds us of how powerless we are over some things -  we cannot control any aspect of this.  Faith and trust are very important right now - we are adjusting

Well, the sun is shining today so I am going to get outside with Gracie - set a spell on our deck in the sun.  This I can control.  This I can do.  :-)  ALl of our blessings, and 'can-do's become more evident in times of powerlessness in other areas of one's life - perhaps that is why we go through such times - to remind us of all we are blessed with and all we direct in our lives amidst the uncontrolable.  Amazing huh? Looks like, we are adjusting.....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Beach In Winter

 Gracie Blue dragging Skipp along - hysterical to watch :-)
 Enjoying the view- I was on my rolator/walker by that marshy area - very tricky to roll the rolator along in the wet sand!  :-)

Gracie Blue wishing she was not on a leash - albeit a long one, still  :-)

And so the afternoon was spent - at Hammonassett Beach-State Park in Clinton, just a mile from our bungalow. We are starting to claim or mark and or explore our new territory - Still, so bittersweet.  Truth be told?  We ache for our home of 21+ years on The Trail.  We went by to check on things and cried so hard we could barely breathe.  I think it is because of some of the reasons why it was time to go - my health, loss of income, my Mom passing away (six month ago today)......and wrapped in all that are the endless blessings too - the joy and sorrow swirl like a storm at times.
And so some time at the beach seemed fitting - it was so beautiful, powerful, calm and natural.  And surprisingly warm given it is mid January - the chilly drizzle was even ok - we needed to be there to be part of something way bigger than our changing reality - to be reminded of the natural forces of the sea, nature and life all around us.  Amen.
As we continue to adjust and redefine our lives, find our new rhythm it is nice to know that the wonder of the ocean remains a constant promise of  beauty, strength and natural force upon which we can always rely.  Just one example of a tangible piece of God right here on earth.