Saturday, March 19, 2016

Finding my way 'home'

It's been a while, I know. We are settling in, adjusting,  designing for easy access, decorating, and making our 'Homestead On Mount Hope', home.  Some days I still feel like I am on vacation and l that I will find my way back home to Connecticut and my/our life there.  Change is truly a process and not an event.

Here are some pictures of our life here - our world, family and joys:

 The ramp all completed -that is our Grandson Jacob who came to help spread gravel for our driveway
 A perfect back deck - just enough for us.  The tree is nature's umbrella
 The foundation ready for our shed to be delivered this Friday
 Skipp buuilding a table to hold the totes we will use to grow a variety of vegetables.
 My granddaughter Leanna and I all spruced up after an afternoon at the hair salon. Nice
The beautiful view from my daughter Kristie's farm house atop a hill on 110 acres. Glorious.  We are reunited and it is wonderful.

Our life here is simple, free, loving, sometimes a bit too autonomous but we are happy for that too - so it is a balance, ya know?   It is a different culture and life style here.  For example, they have a redemption center which is where you turn in your cans for cash.  Add to that, they will come and pick up your cans, bring them back to the center, cash you out, and if you want  beer (which is sold in the same building), they will buy it for you and bring it to you with any change from the cans as well. Can you even imagine? :-) Also, we live on Seneca Indian reservation land -  we cannot buy lottery tickets unless we are out of the boundaries of Indian land!    They do NOT know how to make  decent pizza anywhere close to us. Sigh.....  We make our own, thank goodness.

The folks are friendly enough - simple, natural, neighborly; so we blend well in that regard.  There are golf curses, ski resorts, camp grounds, cabin rentals and all types of outdoor activities - skiing, rafting, snow-mobile-ing,   fishing, mountain trails, horseback riding, camping sites, the casino, and all within minutes of our home here in the Allegheny forest/mountains.  The Amish are all around us living their 1800 century life style, horse and buggy, little house on the prairie style of dress - fascinating.

As Spring takes hold we will get out more and become comfortable with our surroundings - there is a whole new world to explore. This time of transition is a challenge and a blessing - I stay open to every opportunity - and so long as I/we do all things with LOVE, well, we will prosper. And in time, find our way home.....Amen