Saturday, January 2, 2010


FREEDOM'S JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE - Great line from the song 'Bobby McGee' - Did you folks know that Kris Kristoferson wrote that song? As I begin to reflect on the word "FREEDOM" - my focus word for 2010 I am reminded that freedom is founded in truth - often fact - acceptance and surrender - and so in honor of that I am re-posting an earlier piece titled "The Journey From Acceptance To Surrender".

The journey from acceptance to surrender. It can be long or short, depending on what it is one is dealing with. Winning the lotto? Pretty quick journey! Being betrayed by someone you love? A diagnosis of a life-changing illness?? etc..... These are a longer and more difficult journey. Agreed?

For the sake of this writing let's all agree that acceptance happens in our heads. It is a conflict of thoughts; bargaining, arguing, angering, resisting, denying, fighting, wishing, praying, begging, raging - getting the picture? It is pure chaos!

So what of surrender then? It happens deep inside. It is a total experience and captures our essence and core. It is: a relief, peaceful, hopeful, freeing, pure, cleansing, and has a new direction. New direction? Yes. A new direction. Stay with me here.

So what is the problem?

ANGER AND FEAR are the blocks that keep people stuck in the chaos of acceptance. It is so hard to break through those two emotions and on to surrender. Anger at whomever or whatever. Fear of the unknown. And so people run, from themselves, going to great lengths to separate themselves from themselves, up to and including death. Yes death. I see it all the time. Sad huh? Very sad, indeed.

So okay, you stop running, you face "IT", whatever it is and you stand naked right in "IT". Now what? It is you and "IT", the very "IT" or "IT's" you have spent a life time hiding.
Guess what? "It" never goes away. "IT" is part of you, part of the fabric of your design, that which defines you. Hah! It is yours to hold on to, not let go of. And how do you respond? You can never change the meaning of your "it's" but you CAN add another meaning to "IT".

For example: MADD - do you think the horror and tragedy for those Mom's and Dad's that lost their children to drunk drivers will ever go away? Never. not in a million years. And so they created MADD to add another meaning to their tragic losses. Never ever disregarding the original horror, if they did there would be no MADD, right?

And so the challenge for all of us is to honor our truths for what they are and then add another meaning to them to bring purpose and light to our truths, our "It's" never possible had these IT's not occurred.

As I begin my exploration of freedom I am reminded that my truth is the foundation upon which my freedom must be realized - otherwise I will be fighting my own reality and spin until I fall. Not happening. I am beginning to 'test' the waters some - to see what I can successfully do with M S. For example - I know I will not be in a dance competition but I sure can dance. - If only for a few minutes I CAN DANCE!! I can drive, not at night or on the highway but I can get around during the day to do errands or visit my Mom or a friend. I can walk- I need support with a friendly arm or my cane or my rollator - but I can walk - not all that far but I can walk. Thank God I can walk. Freedom has some new meanings for me folks - I am not the same nor is my life before this diagnosis. That is simply the truth. That's not to say that within these changes I cannot be free - and it is that new meaning of freedom I am defining. Yes, Yes I am!! :-)

And since I started with a line from 'Bobby McGee', yup, I will leave you with the song.

Enjoy, appreciate and honor ALL your freedoms.


Bernie said...

Great post Gail, I love accepting my truths and I realized and respect the fact there is more than one truth as perception is someone else's reality....I have learned so much after thinking I knew everything, life is good my friend and you are so blessed with a beautiful attitude of love and acceptance, such an inspiration to all of us.......:-) Hugs

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-

"Thank you" SO much for your kind words of support and deep understanding. And I am humbled to think that my life, my truths inspire - wow. And by the way, did I mention, and I am sure that I did, at least I hope I did that the picture of you is beautiful - you look so pretty and happy and SO lovely.

Love Gail


cinner said...

Hi Gail, You are inspiring, I like when you said you won't win a dance competition but oh can you dance for a couple of minutes. We have to grab our couple of minutes when ever we can. I loved your post. Big hug, take care. I don't know if I remembered to thank you for the Christmas card. It was a lovely surprise. love ya, c

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

A post worth a second bow.

But you know…I've never particularly cared for this song because I can't quite decide what it means, or maybe just don't agree with the conclusion. (I like JJ, however.)

Does he, Kristoferson, mean freedom is giving up everything else? If you have freedom, is that all you have? Does he mean freedom is the last thing to be surrendered, the least valuable, or that it should be surrendered earlier, or never because it's the most valuable? Does he mean that in keeping freedom you throw away life?

See, I'm confused. But…great post!

Wanda said...

It is surprising sometimes what people are capable of accepting and doing, both good and bad. It's good to have the freedom to make choices. I like this quote about freedom...

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul....Moshe Dayan

Freedom to blog...that's a good thing...I wish you a year of more peace and joy Gail and good fortune health-wise.

Teacher's Pet said...

Beautiful post, Gail...and I love the fact that you will dance...your dance...whatever dance that may be! You have a great outlook....and I thank you for sharing it with ME!
Many hugs to you, Gail.

Whitemist said...

I had a similar conversation today with a friend, I may be extremely fortunate.
I know my past ITS, but my current adventure seems to have turned them all on their heads and they are no longer the monsters they used to be.
Something about being afraid to Death, literally!

Wonderingsoul said...

Dear Gail,

Me an Bobby MgGee (spelling?) is one of my all ime favourite songs and I rate Kris Kristofferson as one of the most talented songwriters of that era.

Your post was beautiful and true and difficult and wise.

Your acceptance of MS and joy at the things you CAN do is a challenge for all of us who take things like that for granted on a daily basis.

You think I'm brave Gail? oh no.
Take a look in the mirror and then get Skipp to wrap you up in his arms and tell you how brave you are.
In so so so many ways.

I know I've been quiet on the mail front.
I'm sitting still at the moment. trying not to rock the boat too much. x

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Gail, you are courageous, upbeat, and truly an inspiration!!! I'm so glad you reposted this! This post is so are extraordinarily wise...and you have turned your terrible trial into triumph!!! I do hope that many will read this...we all can learn so much from you!!!So very glad that I met you in 2009, and am looking forward to spending more time with you in 2010! ~Janine XO

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Thoughts full of meaning Gail. I think it was Frankl that said the final and ultimate freedom is to choose our attitude in whatever circumstances we find ourself. Sounds like that is exactly what you are doing and suggesting.

My sister was diagnosed with MS many moons ago. After a lot of research done by all members of the family, we began to wonder if it was related to her allergies (also auto-immune) and noticed that a Swiss doctor said that MS is often high in countries where they consume a lot of beef and wheat - in Canada and USA we do - plus my sister was allergic to wheat. When she stays off those products she does not have problems with her vision, incontinance, and weak legs....if she gets complacent or lazy and eats them....the MS symptoms return.

I know every case is different, just thought I would share the info in case it could be of any use to you. You are FREE to do with it what you will!! :)

Yes to Freedom! Of course, we are then Responsible for how we use our freedom..... Ahhhh, the work goes on......

Jenny said...

Wow. I'm not sure how I got here but you definitely made me think now that I am. I signed up to follow you. Just. Wow.

Choices said...

Hi Gail,
Nice post, Gail. You are so right. Life is a journey. Accepting that we are have freedom to accept what lies before us and accepting it. Life is good.
Happy New Year. May this year be a happy one for you!
Take care.

Gail said...

Hi there - glad you liked the 'dance' part of my post. :-) And I am also thrilled that you were surprised - surprises are wonderful :-)


I am glad you liked my post and felt it deserved a 'second bow'. As far as the song goes, I just always liked that one line that I quoted - not even sure why!! :-) SO I am with ya on the confusion.


Great quote you quoted. :-)
And "thank you" for your well-wishes and kind words to me, always.

@JACKIE-Teacher's Pet

Oh you are SO welcome - I am humbled that folks are inspired by my life - hugs back to you my friend.

@JOEY- Whitemist

I understand completely that when current events take precedent, as in ;ife or death situations, that our past "it's", resolved or not, take a back seat. You are SO right.


I am SO glad to see you. I carry you closely. Your kind and loving words to me are so loving and appreciated. And what you wrote about me being brave and SKipp wrapping his arms around me? I shed tears of pure surrender. "Thank you" And I understand the quiet and the stillness - it is so important along our journeys to do just that.

@JANINE-Sniffles and Smiles
"thank you" for you kindness to me and for appreciating and validating my journey. I believe all we have is our truths to give so when hey are received well and inspire I am humbled and gratified beyond expression. I look forward to growing in friendship with you in 2010.


"thank you" so much for sharng of your sister and how eliminating meat and wheat helps her and relieves her M S symptoms. I know that what I eat or don['t eat definitely makes a difference.
I am SO glad to know you and share with you and I believe there is much more to come. :-)


I am SO glad you found your way here too and for following me!! Welcome!! ;-) I will fund my way to your blog soon.


Hi and good to see you. :-) "Happy healthy New Year" to you and your loved ones too. :-)

"Thank you ALL for your amazing, kind, loving, beautiful comments...

Love, Gail

Anonymous said...

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