Friday, April 30, 2010

An authentic Life

The weather is lovely - not too hot, about 75 degrees - dry and breezy, blue sky and sunny with a few puffy clouds. Gracey-Blue and I enjoyed the outdoors today - my lilac bush is in bloom and smells delightful. Our world is green and budding and flowering and growing -

I went to buy some 'staples' today - dog food and wine. :-) The store where we buy Gracey's dog food is a grain and feed store and very "country". It is a very old wooden building with a porch and posts and places for folks to tie their horses to. (I have never seen a horse tied though). :-) There are cats inside, big fat one's lazily sprawled out on the wood floors - a couple of very old golden retrievers panting and snoozing. Shelves filled with natural grains and animal feed and hand made pet treats and all natural flea and tick sprays too. A wood stove that heats the place in the colder months. It smells musty and like old wood and dried beef treats and wet dog. Oddly, it is a nice smell. The folks who work there all wear jeans and work boots and have bandannas about their necks and heads. The guys are full bearded with skin like shoe leather and even the women are scruffy looking, weather beaten and yet bright-eyed and beautiful in a rustic kind of way. I love going there as everyone is so friendly and laid back and so 1800's - like "Little House On The Prairie" :-)

Next I headed down the road to the "Wine And Spirits Store". The woman who owns this place is fascinating. First, she is bigger than life!! I mean HUGE!! She has long thick wavy brown hair that she swoops and swirls with clips and pins, a big blotchy and beautiful face with bright blue eyes. She wears the brightest of clothes that flow and wrap in bright blends of deep magenta, jade, turquoise and sharp greens and all enhanced with a scarf and long dangly earrings and bracelets in every color and rings. Her shoes are often patent and colorful and she adds clip on flowers to the toes. When she welcomes you she bellows like a fog horn so loudly that I stop in my tracks to absorb the force of her voice while I take in the overwhelming colorful outfits covering her very large body. Her smile and laughter are immense just like her. I find myself talking loudly to be on the same level of communicating. Phew.

Two very different businesses - both on the same road just a few hundred feet apart.

I found myself reflecting on the authenticity of each establishment and it's owners and workers. They know who they are and aren't and display their unique selves proudly. I thought of myself and how I am seen, perceived and how people experience me. I pondered for a moment about my own authenticity. And I realized why I appreciate their bold authentic presence - because I am the same, Bold and authentic. No pretense. I know who I am and I am true to that self in all situations with a few exceptions. I know the exceptions and why it is so. That's for another post. :-) After all, my whole blog is dedicated to honoring my truths.

Enjoy the song - it took forever to find one that "fit"

So what about you, my blog-friends.? Are you authentic? Bold? True? Always,
some times?.................


Teresa said...

Hi Gail,
Being yourself, is the best thing to be...way too many people try to be what they are not, and are miserable in trying. Good on you!!! ((((HUGS)))) T

Gail said...


And might I add that YOU are SO authentic - :-)

Love Gail'

Tramp said...

Lilac has just started here in the last few days, I brushed past one on Thursday.
Such vivid descriptions, I really enjoyed the shopping trip.
I thank my son and grandson for bringing me back to earth and showing me who I really am...Tramp

Iktomi said...

good for you. :) i try to be, most of the time i succeed. different people do bring out different aspects of myself though and it makes me wonder how authentic i really am... around my sister i'm the most "animated"... she tends to bring out the fun-loving, silly me... around my husband and son, i shine but in a different way, more loving and cuddly and less silly. when i'm around strangers i'm pretty low-key, not quite as shiny, and when i'm working i try to be all business, because if i don't make a concerted effort to be practical, than i get too whimsical for normal people and it makes it hard to get anything done!

i'm actually envious of people who have a more obvious demeanor about them. they don't have the flexibility i do, but they tend to have a stronger personality. :)

Wanda..... said...

Colorful desciption of interesting people, Gail, including yourself. I think I'm as authentic as I can be and true to myself, but I can't say bold, maybe adventurous, but not bold.


Gail said...


Kids sure do have a way of grounding us. :-) ANd I am SO glad you enjoyed my shopping trip


I think we all adapt depending on the situation and who is there. I am certainly less graphic around my Mom :-) And I love that you know the parts of you that fit and work best with people close to you.


I like that word, adventurous. Yes, good one. :-)
And I emailed you but it came back undeliverable. :-( Any thoughts?

Love to you all

Diana said...

Oh my gosh Gail, bad timing dear. I have been feeling awful and haven't even given myself a thought!
Truefully and honestly, I wish we lived by each other because I could use some good mojo!
Love Di ♥

Gail said...


I think you know yourself very well - very well indeed, AND oh ya!! If we lived near one another, well, we could get in lots of trouble as well as sharing our 'mojo! :-)

Love you

Wanda..... said...

Not really Gail, just sent myself one through my 'profile page email' and received it immediately and have received 2 from other bloggers this morning, maybe try again! :)...Wanda♥

Sniffles and Smiles said...

And you are indeed authentic Gail...and that is why we love you so! Keep on being the beautiful person that you are! You are wonderful! ~Janine XO

Gail said...


Oh my, thanks you SO much - you are the "real deal" too :-)


can you email me so I can see how your address comes through?


love you both

Rebecca said...

Oh, my desire is to be authentic! I found it interesting while browsing magazines at Borders last week that one of them has a new section & editor - I think the title was "Authentic Living"! People long for this, I believe, in self an others....

You should post more about this, Gail. Your observations re. the two authentic businesses was a great springboard to an important subject.

Gail said...

Thanks SO much. I so appreciate peoples 'true colors" shining brightly - and it took a long time for me to know mine. ANd you are right - it is an important topic.

Love to you

Wanda..... said...

I did email you Gail...hope it arrived.

Gail said...


Yes, it arrived and I will be writing back very shortly. Thank you for helping.

Love you

Eileen said...

Great song, and it's perfect for your post! Authentic and bold!

I agree with Iktomi, depending on the situation and the company, I think I do act differently, and yet, I think they (er, me) are all authentic. They are all me! I think I am more laid back and at-ease though with family and friends that I feel most comfortable with.
And I think all the bloggers that I've come to know and love are all authentic!

Great post, Gail! 'Loved shopping with you! Such interesting characters (and I mean that as a compliment!).

Love to you,

Gail said...


Oh yes, I am also different with different people and it is ALL me.

Glad you liked the song. :-)

Have a great week

Love you