Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jennifer


It is Jennifer's birthday today. :-) She is SO beautiful - peaches 'n' cream complexion, long wavy blond/brown hair - blue eyes - and VERY funny. I always say - she makes me laugh like no one else can. :-)

Some things about Jen -

She was born 'green' yes green. There is a perfectly logical factual medical reason this happened - the details of which I will spare you - however. The first thing I said when I saw her was "Oh my God - I gave birth to a leprechaun!! :-)

When she was a baby - her ankles were so skinny all of her socks slid off.

She first slept in her bassinet in the hallway until her room was finished.

She went to day care at age three. Her teacher was Jewish and from Long Island - Jennifer took on her accent completely. It was hysterical.

When she went to school she had, I believe, ADD and she had to be placed in a side boxed desk to do her work.

She had long braids by age 7 which I had to cut off and still have saved. They got knotted when she was sick with the measles.

She was always in trouble in middle school. She was the first kid they would NOT allow to attend the class trip to NYC.

She was the best "worm finder" during fishing season. My Dad would look for worms to no avail - Jen would come along and have a bunch in no time.

She once licked a flagpole in freezing weather and her tongue got stuck -

She looked so lovely when she went to her prom with the love of her life.

She has an amazing son.

She moved closer to me - so we can be there for each other.

"Happy birthday Jennifer. "I love you" - Mom.


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

So many sweet memories of a beautiful daughter Gail. Wish her a very happy birthday for me. (Actually, I have always thought that since the mother gave birth, she should be wished a happy birth-day too! So happy Jennifer's birth day, Gail!!!)

Gail said...

HI Bonnie-

"thank you" so much. And yes, I agree that the Mom's should be acknowledged too :-)

love Gail

Choices said...

Hi Gail,
I loved reading all about the sweet things that only mom's remember.
Wish your daughter a very happy birthday from me. I am sure it was a very special day for you both.
Take care.

Diana said...

Awww Happy Birthday to your Jennifer, Gail. She sounds like an amazing person and is beautiful to boot! I love all of your little memories of her. That is a sweet gift to her!
Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer, I hope you have a wonderful day.
You look so much like your mom, both beautiful ladies.....:-) Hugs

Wonderingsoul said...

Gail -
It's a lovely post for a lovely girl!

I so enjoyed reading about her... she sounds like a great character!


Gail said...


thank you ALL SO much - I just got back from her place - I/we prepared a "party to go" and brought all the goodies to her new lil farm house just down the road from me. My Sis and Mom came as well and my nephew and some of her friends and of course her son and her (boy friend) - I am trying to "like him" eesh!! It was a fun celebration.. We alll aughed and sang and ate and I shared with everyone there all the "hi-lites" of memories I mentioned in my post. It was a wonderful celebration.

"Thank you" all for shairng in this day with us. :-)

Love to you all

Wanda said...

I almost missed getting to say Happy Birthday, Jennifer! She is a lovely girl and you must love having her near, Gail. It's a very nice photo of the two of you.
Hope you both have a wonderful week!

Gail said...


Thank you so much for wishing my Jen Happy Birthday. I wrote a long comment to DI< BERNIE< CHOICES & WONDERINGSOUL about our day of celebrating her. Take a loooksee when you have a second.
Again, "thank you" for taking the time,
Love Gail

Sniffles and Smiles said...

She is sooo beautiful, Gail...what a special, special relationship the two of you have...I can feel and see the love between you through every memory and line in this post! Happy Birthday to the both of you!! Love you, Janine XO

Cinner said...

A Happy Birthday to your daughter. very glad your close, lovely picture, you look awesome by the way.

Eileen said...

Oh, Happy Belated Birthday to your Jennifer!
So sorry I missed it (yesterday was my mother-in-law's Birthday and we were out celebrating that)!
I loved this post and all you shared with us! The photo is beautiful and you two look SO MUCH alike!

I had to laugh at your 'trying to like' phrase! I was the same way for a long, long time, now I figure 'tolerating' is acceptable! (hee-hee)!

Beautiful celebration of life and love!
Love to you,

Gail said...


"thank you" ALL so much for your birthday wishes. And Eileen - ya, too funny about the "trying to like him" comment, huh? :-)
And Cinner? Awesome, me? Oh my I just smiled and beamed when I read your words about me. wow!! :-)
And Janine - yes, we have come thru a lot - still some rough edges but when it comes right down toit we are there for one another no matter what.
Again, "thank you" ALL
Love Gail

Mark said...

Happy Birthday! Mom and daughter are equally blessed to have each other!

Tramp said...

Just wanted ot share with you that a second (step)granchild, a girl, was born this day 18th April 2010. She is a small miracle...Tramp

Gail said...


thank you for visiting and celebrating with us :-)

Love to you always

Gail said...


A precious miracle indeed. And I think it is SO wonderful that you took a moment to share the miracle with me :-)

Love to you

Teresa said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer, I hope you had a wonderful day. I seem to be having a little trouble posting comments lately. Sorry I am late. ((((HUGS))) T

Gail said...

Hi Teresa-\

"Thank you" so much. We had a wonderful day of celebration.

love to you