Saturday, April 10, 2010


Diana - YOU are such a wonderful presence here in blog-land. I feel your love and wisdom and compassion in every post you write and in every comment you leave. I have continued to grow in friendship with you as our lives and our families lives unfold. As mothers I feel so connected to you and empowered by you. And I felt deeply your Mom's passing.

So this day I celebrate YOU - all that yo are to so many - you - your life - cause to CELEBRATE!!

Here's to you!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA"


Wanda said...

Nice post for Diana, Gail. She is special to our village, isn't you are too!

Teresa said...

Hi Gail,
Di will love this! Thanks for sending me to the God Memorandum, it really spoke to my heart...
((((HUGS)))) T

Diana said...

Awww Gail that was really awesome! I love Kool and the Gang, if it's old skool it's good! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend and I see that Wanda is following me around the internet!! We are having a busy day today with family and friends! Wish you all could be here too, How special would that be? Love to you Gail, Love Di ♥

Gail said...


I am SO glad you liked the 'God Memorandum". GOod stuff, justlike YOU


You are so special to me, to us.....enjoy every moment of YOUR special day

Love to you both

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate our beautiful friend-- dear Di!! You have highlighted so incredibly well some of Di's most endearing qualities! You two are both such caring ladies! I am blessed to know you both!!! Happy Birthday to dear Di! She deserves the very best!

Eileen said...

Very sweet, Gail! 'Love your tribute to Diana!
Happy Birthday to Diana!
Have a great weekend, Gail!
Love to you both, Eileen

Gail said...


So nice of you to come by and celebrate Diana here too :-)


you too - so nice to have you celebrate our Diana here. :-)

Love to you both

Whitemist said...

You are an amazing person out here in blog land Gail! Thanks for all the inspiration you give all of us!

Gail said...


Oh my, "thank you" and you're SO welcome. :-)

Love you

Wonderingsoul said...

Dear Gail,

I'm having problems finding words but just wanted you to know that I have been reading here.
I'm so glad about your physical health, felt my heart tug at me reading about your pain at your daughter, and feel again, that you are one of th most beautiful people I know in blogland.
Your friends are so blessed to have you in their lives.

Much love

Gail said...


Yes, good news about my phyhsical being :-) good news indeed and I so appreciate your cekebrating it with me.

And yes, my daughters situation is a real 'heart-tug'. Oh my.

I am so happy we found each other.

Love to you

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hello, Gail...just checking in to see how you are...Hope you are having a wonderful week! Love, Janine XO

Gail said...


Oh how nice of you to stop by and check in on me :-) I am well, all things considered. My husbands two days off are Tuesday and Wednesday so we are just winding down a lovely 2 days together. :-) Hope you are well too.

Love Gail