Monday, August 3, 2009


People's "TRUE COLORS" are so bright, shining through with unique quality, clarity, purpose, fear, determination, passion, simplicity, honesty and love. Is it this forum, somewhat anonymous that allows for this? Were we all to be face to face, would our colors be seen so vividly, so honestly, so fearlessly, so lovingly. I believe they would. I have found that certain posts have touched me so deeply, brought me to my knees, brought me to relief, found me naked, covered me in truth - it is all so intimate and yet it is a mirage of colors, true colors, beautiful, just like a rainbow........"

Great song huh? And so I reflect today on the "colors" of all of us. How I have received each of you and how my world is colored by your presence. albeit in blog-land. But it is bigger, more than blog-land. I see your images, words, faces, surroundings. family, foods, friends - I feel your hopes, dreams, sorrows, joys, fears and love. I sense your passion and awareness and what excites you and what enlightens you and what frightens you. I wish I could hold you. I wish you could hold me.

I feel a responsibility to each of you. To post, to comment, to embrace. And what of something horrid - I would want you to know. And what of something wondrous, I would want you to know. Is this real? We have never met, or have we? What is it to meet someone? I feel intimately connected to all of you and we have never looked into each other's eyes. I feel adored and adoration, I feel sensual feelings, I feel aroused and heightened, challenged and appreciated. You have all reached to me through space and time and we have met. In some odd tangible way we have met, and formed a unity of lives and loves and commitment and kindness, respect and truth. This is so colorful and so true, 'true colors......"....beautiful, just like a rainbow. :-)

Love Gail


anne partain said...

Thanks Gail, I love you too.

Wanda said... are so talented at expressing deep thoughts and feelings we all share...I have seen other dicussions of questioning blogging friendships...are they real? They feel real enough to me to enrich my life...and give me the satisfaction of meeting like minded individuals I would not have known otherwise. Different as the blogs are...they all have a heart and soul being expressed. I love blogging and the Friends I have made!
Your friend,

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

And so true, too, because we have met—just not in the physical sense of sharing the same space at the same time. But if we're honest with one another, whether it's in person, by phone, letter, email, or via a blog and its comments, we meet.

It is only when we're deceitful, when we misrepresent ourselves, fabricate and concoct—lie—that we can cause hurt or be hurt. And that can happen when you're holding the other person, living with them, intwining your life with theirs.

In communication of whatever sort, of honesty and truth the keys, the place where true colors are genuinely revealed.

Bernie said...

Gail, I love this post and its only my opinion but I think I find more kindness, loyalty, honesty and understanding among my blogger friends than anywhere. Our "true colors" shine brilliantly as we have no need or desire to impress or be anything other than our true selves. We don't need to compete only to connect and share our lives with others who never judge us but guide, encourage and give us their opinions. Funny but we can hear opinions from an unknown clearer than from friends or family members. Its because we are not invested in their final deicisions, as we respect the fact its their decision to make. (We should be the same with family and friends but somehow we're not) We all care deeply for each other, look forward to hearing from each other and enjoy each others triumps and weep for each others sadness. We are able to be ourselves knowing that others choose to be connected to us without knowing anything about us but our words. We give each other permission to be free in expression, not forcing each other to be anything other than who we are. I so love coming here to hear about your day, your family, and your life. I love reading others comments to you....blogging may only be a hobby to some but it is much more to is a feeling, an emotion of knowing someone cares enough about me because they want too! Family and friends care as much but their investment is much different as it may be an obligation or duty, they are our life and we love them but for different reasons. Here we are a melting pot of all cultures, colors, shapes and beliefs and the bond that connects us may not be blood but a thread of "true colors"
Have a wonderful day my friend, luv you and your post....:-) Hugs

Choices said...

Hi Gail,
We sure do learn about each other in blogland. It is wonderful how it becomes a little family. We support and encourage one another as would a loving family.
Glad I met you in blog land.
Take care.

Gail said...

hi and thanks so much for your heartfelt comment. It is a family. And I am so glad I 'met' you too. :-)

Hi Bernie- and I love, love your wonderful and complete comment/essay!! :-) I so get how our "village" is so close and so real and we come together because we want to, not out of obligation.
"Thank you Bernie" for your tribute to the 'true colors' of bloggers.

Hi Grizz- "thank you" for your raw honesty and true colors expressed and revealed. I love that there is no pretense and that real is the way to move forward in truth.

Hi Wanda-
And yes quite real indeed, as my life is enriched by all of you. And each blog, as you said,has aheart and a soul.

Hi Anne-
You are so welcome. :-)

Love to you all
peace and true colors

Mark said...

You have expressed you love and joy so eloquently! Yes this is a wonderful forum and we do touch each other in intimate ways which impact us a our soul level. I am grateful for your love and for your presence! Thank-you for being.

Gail said...

Hi Mark-

So nice to see you and I so appreciate your heartfelt words to me. I really feel so loved by everyone today. It is wonderful

Love to you

PENolan said...

I share Bernie's experience in that I feel much less isolated now that I've been blogging a while. We do meet in an unusual way here in Blogland with a very different agenda than in real life.

Gail said...

Hi Trish-

I love how you have made a real place and purpose in your blog and it's intent. And I too feel SO connected in ways I never knew were possible. I Love that I found you.

Love to you

Eileen said...

I believe we are all friends, maybe not in the traditional sense of friendship, but I don't think anything about blogging is traditional!
I think we might even be better/closer friends because a lot of us share ourselves with each other every day, whereas in 'real' life, I don't get together with friends every day.
I believe blogging is an experience like no other, and I think it's place where we feel free to be even more honest about our feelings, because our blog friends are not in the least judging us.
I feel much like you and like Bernie, I find everyone to be encouraging and uplifting.
It's like writing a diary (which is extremely open and honest), but it's better because you get feedback!
Great post!

Gail said...

Hi EIleen-

I SO agree with you and everyone else!! ANd yes, folks are SO honest and we 'check-in' every day with each other. It is wonderful. Always so good to see you.

Love Gail

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, I did ramble on didn't I? Sorry about that...Luv you

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-

Oh please don't ever apologize for rambling. I love ALL your words and expressions and loving comments.

Love Gail

Margie said...

Hello Gail
First, let me thank you for your visit & kind words.
So nice to be here!

Beautiful post!
It truly made me smile!

Blessings to you!


Gail said...

Hi MArgie and welcome.

I am so glad we found each other and that you enjoyed coming here

Love to you

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

You have embraced a spectrum of emotions, motivations, the many shades and hues of humanity. The fervor is felt, the appreciation understood, and the opportunity, its own celebration.

Gail said...

Hi Rose Marie-

You have such a lovely and powerful way with words. You are truly gifted and I feel your wonderful spirit in every word you write.

Love to you

goatman said...

It is odd how this medium can bring together like souls. And it can happen across the planet with those of way-different beliefs.
The words are what are important, and what are expressed ,with time, so well.

Solh (Peace in Farsi I am told)

Gail said...

Helllo Goatman and Welcome,

Thank you so much for visiting and I will stop by and visit you soon. And I too am so thrilled how "we" find one another across this vast universe.

Love to you

Bernie said...

Please stop by my site Gail, I have something for you...:-) Hugs

newjenny said...

Lets hold each other, long and deep.

Great words, Gail, great sentiments. Lets all reach out in our true colours. xx