Friday, April 17, 2009

"Stand By Me" (around the world)

This arrangement, synchronized from all over the world takes the song "Stand By Me' to amazing heights, places, influence and meaning.

I was thrilled.

The question could be posed - "Who stands by you, and whom do you stand by? And what does "stand by" mean to you? The more I write it and say it the more profound it's meaning becomes. I love loyalty, and valiant efforts to protect, (non-violent, of course) you sillies. I believe in standing for justice and truth, and freedom and hope and individual pursuits of happiness and wholeness so long as while doing so no one else is infringed upon. I know, I am an idealist - guilty! :-) And dare I say - love, yes "stand by" love, at all times, in all endeavors, in all pursuits, in all valiant efforts, in all loyalties, do so lovingly.

Just let this amazing message in this ole song "Stand By Me' speak for itself.

Love Gail


Liara Covert said...

To choose to stand by your true self is to live with complete integrity. This is not always straight forward to the conscious mind. However, a series of steps can be taken to explore the depth of love in your heart for the self and others. Every thought and feeling affects growth. Higher forces stand by you and your timeless, intrinsic value.

Gail said...

Hi Liara-
Wow. Yes, every thought and feeling AND action too, affects growth. And "higher forces standing by me and my timeless, intrinsic value" - I have no idea how to apply that. I certainly like the sound of it though. And higher forces such as God?, love?, the universe?, energy?, yes? Those I realize.

Love Gail

Arnav said...

To "Stand by" - has different meanings for different people ..

I believe in standing by relations ..
off late , all of my friends are changing , ofcourse i am changing too.. ( people chane with time right? )
So here are we undergoing transitions from students to working proffesionals .. The sad part is relations are changing too, people who "Stood by" each other few years back are today happy leaving the other void , when he needs them the most.. its sad..

How I wish I could ask them to stand by "best friends" .. but who listens!! :(

Still I believe in standying by friends, bad / good anything but we were the one chosing our friends right, so now when we have made this relationship we realy should stand by each other .....

Kartz said...

Beautiful video. Thank you for the share...

Well, it is in times of trouble that we discover those who really stand by us. Of course, it all boils down down to self-belief too.

Beautiful msg.

Peace. Have a nice weekend.

Gail said...

Hi Kartz-

Always SO good to see you here. :-) I am gllad you enjoyed the video. ANd yes, in time of trouble are true freinds "stnd by" us, and yes, self belief is critical.

Love Gail

Gail said...

Hi Arnav-

First time here? If so, welcome. :-)

And yes, some are friends of the road, or for a season or perhaps a reason, and some are of the heart -as in forever.

Love Gail

PENolan said...

Hey Gail
Just saying "hi" since all this philosophizing is too dang deep for me - at least without a cozy sofa, wine and snacks. Or a rhubarb pie. As important as reflection and introspection is, in the end, that rhubarb pie said more to Dolan than all the words on the internet combined.

Gail said...

Hey Trish-

Amen!! And rhubarb pie indeed - You are SO right - thanks for helping me stay rounded - You are dang smart and SO real!

Love Gail

Gauri Mathur said...

I stand for my Relations.
I Stand for my Believes.
I stand for my values.
I stand for Justice.

Thats what I have till now In my Mind!
:-).Nice post to read!
Take care!

Gail said...

Hi Gauri and welcome -

Wonderful values and beliefs by which to stand -

thank you for sharing them and I look forward to you visiting again.

Love Gail

Anonymous said...

We are the creators of our reality. Therefore, the whole universe supports us and stands by us to achieve the experience that is before us.

Gail said...

Hi natural-

Thanks for your heart-felt comment and for visiting.