Monday, April 6, 2009



Great song- great video :-)

A universal understanding - A smile. :-)

It is also said that while on the phone, if you smile while talking - your whole tone and affect will be happy and easy to hear. Try it - especially if it is one of those calls you make or receive that is less than pleasant, - a bill collector, an angry co-worker or boss, and so on, just smile while you respond. :-)

When we went to the Bronx to visit our son and I smiled at 'Laverne' who happened by the bus stop, a lovely conversation followed It all began with a smile. :-)

In stores, in your car, at work, at home, alone, taking a walk, when you're scared, when you're sad, when you pray, when you blog, smile, smile, smile. :-)

Today it is raining, :-)

Love, Gail



Kartz said...

Cost - 7 facial muscles. That's all.


Thanks for sharing that video, ma'am.

Peace. Have a nice day.

molly said...

Great post! And may we all smile more, even if we aren't feeling it. It starts inside, doesn't it?

Peace to you,


Gail said...

Hi Kartz :-)

So nice to see you. And you are so very welcome.

Love Gail

Hi Molly and welcome -

And yes, it starts within and spreads without. :-)


Comrade Kevin said...

It is raining here, too. And it has been much colder than in recent days.

I have no problem smiling, I just have no time to do it! :)

Gail said...

Hey Kevin :-)

Funny thing about smiling - it can be done simultaneously with just about anything, except crying I imagine. :-( :-)

So glad you stopped by

Love Gail

Paula said...

...yes, I cheated. I swore to start at the beginning, and I did and it was wonderful. But the picture of you with the smiling women kept calling me back. Friendship-I love,love, love this entry Gail.

Gail said...

Hi Paula-

SO glad you came by. And yes, the "friendship" post is all love and good feelings. Keep reading.....

Love Gail

Val said...

This is so ABSOLUTELY true!

There is a connection between muscles and the brain. The brain recognizes what a smile means (happy) so even if you are feeling awful, if you force a smile it automatically sends a signal to your brain to fire off some serotonin and make you "feel good". It may only last for a few seconds... but sometimes a few seconds can be enough time to pull out of a funky state...

Great post!

Gail said...

Hi Val-

Always SO nice to see you here. And yes, a smile is mood changing - and contagious too. :-)



Hello, Ms. Gail

Are you on faceBook? If not be there. We can find there many persons of common interest.

Naval Langa

Gail said...

Hi Naval-

Nice to see you :-) and yes, I am on Facebook - I am very new at navigating the site though and I have much to learn.

Hope you are well-

Love Gail

C. Om said...

Great post! So true. I love the song too. I've come across so many songs that have true wisdom within them and serve as reminders.

I got an extra smile today.:-)

Gail said...

Hi C.Om

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. Glad you got an 'extra' smile. :-)