Monday, April 20, 2009

Can You Read My Mind? See Right Through Me?

Who in your life seems to be able to read your mind - see right through you - and do you see this as a good thing, a bad thing?

As I reflect, there are times when I believed it was a very good thing, a mysterious wonder, an ability to be revered even. I even thought it was the way it was suppose to be, and that it was who he was. Truth be told, - he only knew/saw what I let him know and see. At the time, it made sense for me and her to keep him revered - it served our needs and his, as well. We were quite fragile then, broken if you will - her, far more than I. He knew that though - and invited me to help him help her. We were all bonded in boundary-less ways - he was in charge. Oddly, I liked the surrender. I knew I was surrendering, so in essence I was really in charge. That, he didn't know - I made sure of that. The song? It was her song - hers about him.

I don't believe anyone can read any one's mind or see through someone. I, at times, have felt as if someone could but that was more about stroking their ego than anything else and getting my needs met at the time. I wonder about those experiences, who I was then - perhaps scared, lonely, intuitive, calculating, - and a myriad of other things. Survival at the time.

Life is no longer so desperate - hasn't been for a long, long time. Those close to me, know me. It serves no underlying purpose other than truth. The chosen surrender back then was part of my journey to truth - I did what I did because it worked.

In your lives, do you create or have you ever created the illusion for someone so that they believe they can read your mind - or see right through you? If so, what purpose did it serve - did it work at the time?

Complicated questions, or maybe not.

Love Gail


Andy said...

You know, people are always making out they can see through me. They are always so wrong. I'm really not as complicated as they make out. I wish I was as then it would make me more mysterious?

Sometimes I tell them they are wrong - but they don't believe me so, sometimes, I just let them think they have the inside edge on my personality. It seems to make them happy. I guess, to them, it makes them a special person.

Gail said...

Hi Andy

So nice to see you. And I hear ya - it is amazing how people think they know someone better than the someone knows themselves.

Love Gail

Kartz said...

You spoke my mind, ma'am... I just don't get it. What could possibly make someone think that they know a person better than the person concerned! I find it rather ludicrous, per se. Apart from someone's parents (& siblings), I don't think anyone can know a person *that* well...

Profound words... As usual.

Peace. Be well.

Gail said...

Hi Kartz-

Always SO nice to have you visit and comment. As I said, it is mind boggling when people claim to know more of someone than the someone does. Glad you liked the post.

Love Gail

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

I do think at times some people are capable of reading people a lot better than those people might imagine. See right through them? Maybe…maybe not. But see their core character, detect things in them they think they're hiding…yes. And sometimes it's not so much a case of a person knowing another person better than they know themselves—but that people tend to lie to themselves, to live a fantasy, to give themselves motivations and self-judgments that are simply not true. Occasionally another person my be able to pick up on that…like reading the presence of one thing by understanding the actions of other things.

I also think we often present to others what we want them to see in us, and/or what we need to show them to fit in, get our way, motivate, amaze, frighten, etc.

In all this, as in all life, there are no blanket statements that apply to all people and situations.

Gail said...

Hi Grizz-

You are right - there are NO blanket statements. The scenario I inferred is/was one example.
Your referencing is another aspect of our human-ness.
I SO appreciate your insights and I am very glad you came by.

Love ail

C. Om said...

I have had people tell me they knew exactly what I felt or was thinking because I "wear my heart on my sleeve," or "it's written on my face." Of course they were people who knew me relatively well. But I can see now, that they did not know my true nature, but the nature of the person I play in life.

We all play roles, or characters to some extent. It is those roles that become easy to predict. The true nature of our essence is far more elusive when you try to pin it down.

molly said...

My husband sometimes knows me better than I know myself---and I think it is fantastic.

Most of the time :)

Gail said...

Hi C.Om-

Nice, as always to see you here.
And yes, some people know us pretty well. And yet, the truer or deeper essence is, as you said, illusive.

Love Gail

P.S I wear my "heart on my sleeve" as well. :-)

Gail said...

Hi Molly-\

Oh yes, I SO understand just how fantastic that is. It is wonderful to have someone so trusting that their sense of you is a view that is real. I know this well.

Love Gail

Mark said...

Interesting questions. In many ways you are correct, we allow people to see what we allow them to see, sometimes consciously and sometime unconsciously. I do believe that there are many ways to connect with a person and that there are times where we connect on a level that goes beyond what we deem as normal communication. That being said, we still reveal what we desire at some level to reveal.

Gail said...

Hi Mark -

So glad you came by. :-)

And yes, we reveal what we feel is okay to reveal. And absolutely, there are many non-verbal cues of communication that tell a lot about a person.

Love Gail