Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I love this song - it is on one of my old Peter Paul and Mary tapes - it speaks volumes

As the song builds so do I - to tears and my hands raised in desperate hope - hope that one day we can all reach across lines of prejudice, difference, and indifference and offer acceptance, understanding and love. Oh yes, I am an idealist and proud of begins with you and with me-what we teach our children and those we influence - the change begins with you and with me. In this song one Mom believed in the innocence of one daughter - joined her in her desire to love. The power of that is great -

I hope you all appreciated and enjoyed the song.

Love Gail


Kartz said...

Thank you for the share ma'am. It was lovely, per se.

I prefer to be the realist, though. :)

Trust all is well.

Peace. Have a nice weekend.

Gail said...

Hi Kartz-

Yes, a realist - I am that too - as many of my ideals are in fact real.
Always SO nice to see you.
Love Gail

Val said...

Beautiful lyrics... just beautiful...

Thank you, Gail.

And hey, I heard MS isn't contagious. Is that true?
; )

Gail said...

Hi Val-

glad you enjoyed the song. :-)

And nope, M S is NOT contagious, cool huh? Thanks for "hearing" me.

Love Gail

Val said...

: )