Monday, August 9, 2010

His name is__________

The heat and humidity have returned. But alas, such is short-lived. I see the shadows and hues dance across our dining room table casting off deep purples, magenta, hunter greens and earth browns - the sun line on the window is blurred and the over tones cover the brightness - all sure signs of Autumn approaching. Hallelujah. I have seen golden leaves tossed about and our thick, lush garden is going to seed to preserve it's life for next year and protect its roots against Winter's force. Oh the cycles of life, the seasons of change and preservation - that which must die and the promise of new life to come.

I was humbled by an experience my Mom shared. She said, "I didn't like dialysis in the hospital because they wheel you in to the room in your hospital bed - it made me feel more sick, (she went on to say), and I really felt badly if the little boy was was there too." I waited and said, " a little boy Mom, oh how sad.". She continued, "I could her him crying out - "OW" loudly as they got the needles in place for his dialysis, and then I heard them calm him as the machine started to work and then I heard him softly moan in a fluttering soft cry- it broke my heart and I hear him in my mind and heart all the time so I just keep praying for him." I was silenced in tears listening to her. His names is_____________.

Please pray that his fears are calmed and his pain is eased. Amen.


Mark said...

The seasons do continue to change. That is part of the beauty of this earth and our experience cycles along with it. As sad as it is for the boy, there is a reason for each season and there is a reason he is there and you Mom is there to experience what he is going through.

Gail said...


Always so good to have you visit and comment. I agree with your every word.

Love to you
peace and hope.....

Eileen said...

Oh, I will keep that little one in my prayers along with your family and your intentions.
I think Mark is so right about this little boy and your Mom. Maybe your Mom was meant to be there just for the simple (and yet profound) fact of you to pass his story on.

I was able to get here through Facebook! I went in search of you there and your blog name came up, I clicked and miraculously got here! That's how I've gotten to a few blogs lately. It's near impossible to visit through my own blog, nothing is working right for me there.
I'll have to read back here on what I've missed as long as Jayden is quiet and absorbed in his playing.

'Think of you often.
Love to you,
PS ~ This comment may come up as my husband's blog and his name, that's been happening a lot to me lately. I think that's when all my problems started when he started a blog too for his job.

Gail said...


Oh SO good to see you here AND I feel so special that you put such effort out to "get here'. If you bookmark my blog in your favorites I think you can click and arrive here any time. That is how I get to "Teacher's Pet".

I so agree that my Mom, was suppose to 'meet' that little boy ( he is 4) and now my Mom and me and all of my blogger friends will pray for him. Wonderful, huh?

Hope youi are feeling okay. I am really struggling with the icy hot pins and needles and numbness - my knee pain has eased but not so much the other stuff. I just called my doctor again - oh well.

Love to you my friend
peace and hope.....

Wanda..... said...

The suffering of children is heart breaking. Nothing is worse.

Gail said...

HI Wanda-

Yes, heartbreaking, indeed. This little boy who laid in fear behind a curtain next to my Mom really affected her. And me, you, all of us, - tragic.

Love and hope for us all

Bonnie said...

Life is not fair ... but it should at least be fair for children. I so admire the medical workers that deal with the pain and fears of these little ones. They deserve our praise and gratitude.

My goodness, your Mother has endured so much. Take care.

Gail said...


Yes, the caregivers are special angels her eone earth for the young and the old and everyone else afraid and sick.
And you are so right that my Mom has endured so much and she has been very brave through all this.

Love to you
peace and hope.....

SE'LAH... said...

prayers sent up. sending lots of positive vibes your way, Gail. my heart breaks for all in pain.

one love.

Gail said...

Oh Se'Lah-

and so your love is sprinkled from your broken heart falling like gentle new snow to calm and cool the aches.

Love to you for al that you are
peace and hope.....

Iktomi said...

:( it's always so sad when children are afraid or in pain.

on the other hand, the seasons changing is a welcome thing... i'll be glad when the heat and humidity are gone! but i also will be sad because, although autumn is a fresh season full of fruits and vegetables, winter is a harsh season on a farm.

Diana said...

It is so hard to see or hear a child in pain or suffering. That had to be hard for your mom Gail. I am sure she wished she could comfort him herself. I will say a prayer for him and your mom too.
I too have noticed the subtle signs of autumn creeping in. I have to admit that I am tired of this heat.
As always I will say a prayer for you too Gail. Love Di ♥

Cinner said...

My dear friend,that poor little boy. I think there is a reason they are both there. I agree with everything that Mark has said, I am sorry you are still not feeling very well, with the cooler weather will that help Gail. Hugs to you, think of you every day. all good thoughts hey. love to you.

Gail said...


So nice to see you here. And I understand that as welcome the change of season is, that on a farm the Winter can be especially cruel. HOpe you are well and you family and animals too,

Thank you for your kind understanding and prayers. Your presence means so much to me.


I so love your true care and concern. I am so happy you are in my life. Hallelujah!!

Love to you all
peace and hope.....

Shen said...

It does seem to go against nature, somehow, when someone young is so sick. It's hard to imagine how all the intricacies of life can fit into any kind of plan, sometimes.

I will be thinking of him... and your mom.

Gail said...


Mind boggling for sure. and thnaks for all your good thoughts and light.

love gail
peace and hope.....

Just Be Real said...

I have always liked that song by the Byrds. I am so very sorry what is going on with our children today. Dear one lifting them up. Blessings, JBR

Gail said...

so nice to see you. And the children so need to be lifted up.

Love to you
peace and hope.....

Jay said...

The Seasons changes are something I always cherish because each teaches me a new perspective of this unbroken circle we call "life" and the power of hope.

This encounter with this child is no accident, he's teaching us all a life lesson by example.

Continued healing to you, your Mother, the child and everyone else.


Bernie said...

One very snowy day when I was receiving chemo I held a young girl on my lap, as her mom was driving through the snowstorm, she was bald as I was and my sister put a crown on her little head and we called her princess....I have never forgotten her. When her mum arrived we were both asleep. Her IV bags were filled with what looked like the same kind of chemo I was receiving.....she has left her footprint on my heart and I am better for it.
Keeping you and your mom in my prayers and tonight I will add this precious little boy....:-)Hugs

Gail said...


I am SO honored and thrilled that you shared your story of that precious child in your lap - both of you asleep while receiving chemo. Oh my goodness Bernie. - "thank you".....
I love you
peace and hope.....

Gail said...

I am SO glad you came back. I 'clicked' on your name but found no way to "reach you" via a website or a blog. I love what you wrote to me thiay of the seasons changes and the unbroken life cycles. I am so glad you found me. :-)

Love Gail
peace and hope.....

Se'lah said...

Hi Gail,

hope you are feeling lots by day, right? one step at a time.

p.s. please don't forget to send me your mailing addy for the *gift of jewels* project.

one love, my dear.

Gail said...

HI Se'Lah

So nice to see you. :-) I am managing, as best I can, one step at a time. I will email you w/my addy. I appreciate the reminder, phew. :-)

Love to you
peace and hope....