Wednesday, November 5, 2008

M S andThe Meeting of The Minds

The minds came together. And yes readers, "Auntie Botti" is a metaphor for 'anti body'. My condition demands that I trick the tricksters that have been tricked, so to speak.

The great minds don't have any new or exciting approaches or tricks up their sleeves. I didn't think they would. It's interesting because sitting in the office staring at their degrees and various machines that measure this and that - with this disease, this unpredictable disease with a mind of it's own - their great minds have statistics on approaches that may or may not have anything to do with what is best for me. They know it and I know it. And yet, for the sake of high insurance premiums, co-pays, and pharmaceutical rip-offs (my medication is $1400.00 per month)~! we all sit and talk about how, in this study or trial these results were indicated. Don't get me wrong, they are good doctors, top of the line they simply don't know everything.

Thankfully, they 'listen' to me. I know me and what is happening to me and what works and what doesn't to trick "Auntie Botti" again so my anti bodies stop attacking the very thing they are intended to protect. Steroids do that, and so I had some, a lot. Also certain exercises send signals to nerve endings that redefine movement and muscle control. Rest is critical. For some reason, when I am rested the anti bodies aren't so confused. How's that for medical jargon? :-)

Funny thing. I have written of such things as abuse and betrayal and yet I struggle to define myself as one who has 'Multiple Sclerosis' - M S for short. There, I wrote it. Said it. Phew. I am in the midst of what is called an exacerbation - creepy word don't ya think? I will call it a, ummmm......................................... gee, I don't know, any ideas?

So, to Fallen Angel? I am all right. In my fight mode to get "back on both feet" - literally! This is temporary and this too shall pass. Find your way to me if you can, however you can. And to my friends/readers in blog land? Remember, everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle, so be kind.



Comrade Kevin said...

I'm sorry to hear of your illness.

Rest assured, I know what it is like to struggle with a chronic condition and I pray they'll find better treatments for all of us afflicted.

Gail said...

thank you Kevin, "thank you"......

it seems that the treatments are way worse than the illness. I know you know.

I listened to "I'll Be Your Mirror" today, I absolutely love it.


PENolan said...

Holding you in the Light