Saturday, November 8, 2008

Apricot Brandy!

"I am going to buy myself a bottle of apricot brandy"!!

Hearing those words from my Mom this morning filled me with gratitude and hope. She had received some money in one of her birthday cards and decided to 'treat herself' for her "85th"
birthday, tomorrow. Of all the things she could have said she needed to do or get or deal with she spoke happily of apricot brandy.

We talk every day, two to three times a day. We visit often and enjoy each other tremendously. She is, by far, one of my most precious gifts to behold. At 85, she still drives, takes herself to church, the hairdresser, shopping, and to my house for lunch. She is always "chilly", so I always make sure there is a fire going strong in our wood stove. She loves her 'sweets', so I always have cookies or pastry here when she visits. She would prefer just the sweets rather than traditional luncheon foods - and so what! She can have whatever she likes.

Her sense of humor? Light and often unsuspected. One never knows what she will say.
Her faith? She has enough for all her family.
Her love? Is stronger and bigger than the highest mountains.
Her beauty? Is gentle, simple and with a touch of elegance.
Her mind? Sharp as a tack.
Her memories? Endless, with joys and sorrows, birth and death, hope and despair, tradition, and an abundance of wisdom.
Her purpose? To lead her family through good times and bad, with gentle wisdom and guidance and faith and always with love.
Her needs? For her family to stay close not only to her but to each other, to know we will carry on her traditions long after she is gone, to enjoy the simplest of life's offerings - the smells of Thanksgiving, the first snow, winter doves, fried dough on Christmas Eve, forgiveness, a hot cup of tea, faith, warm apple pie, the colors of Autumn, cloudy days, afternoon "snoozes", comfy quilts, patience, teddy bears, bells, poems and photos marking occasions, prayer, home made sauce, family gatherings, honor and loyalty, and to love no matter what.

And of course, relaxing in her rocker with a nice snifter of apricot brandy to soothe anything that ails her.

"Happy 85th Birthday Mom - I love you SO very much!


PENolan said...

I've never had apricot brandy, but now I want some too. Great idea from your mom.

Hope you're getting your own strength back

Comrade Kevin said...

You're lucky to still have her around. Cherish that.

Gail said...

Hi Trish-
Hi Kevin-

Yes, apricot brandy is yummy. The birthday celebration was wonderful.
And my strength? I am fighting hard to be whole again, and I WILL get there.

And Kevin - yes, I cherish every moment. She is precious.

Love and thanks to you both.