Friday, February 5, 2010


Motherhood - this Mama Bear knew, felt that her baby cub was in trouble. She showed up, just in time to ward off impending doom. I feel like that Mama bear some times - because I know, and I feel, and I sense, and I show up to save them. And at times they welcome my saving, and they nestle in my arms, snuggle under my chin - cry softly, tears of relief and love. And at times I am screaming to them, "DANGER, DANGER, DANGER"!! And they turn away from me and head straight toward the harm, the ill-intent I wince and cover my eyes, as I hold on to my heart, and pray they find their way through the storm.

This video of the Mama and her cub together is SO beautiful to me. I felt it so strongly - the love, the protection, the strength, the relief, the promise. Ah, motherhood.


cinner said...

Your words are beautiful to go with this video. It is instinct to protect I think, I can see how you are Mamma Bear! love to you Gail.
How is your sister making out. I have been thinking about you a lot.

Bernie said...

The hardest yet most rewarding job we can every have. Hang in there sweetie, praying for you and your family........:-) Hugs

Whitemist said...

Of course don't let them deal with the tom cat in my back that is dangerous!

Gail said...


Sometimes it is hard to discern between the tom cat and the kitty cat!! :-)

Hi Bernie-
I know, Motherhood is quite an endeavor. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Hi Cinner-

Ya, instinct indeed. I am such a protector - although it is hard to protect that which travels far away, and not always just in distance.

Love and appreciation for you all

Margie said...

Hi Gail
Just checking your post before I go to bed.
I spent the day watching my son play baseball in Denver and as I watched him play I was thinking how blessed I am to be his mother.
I know how you love your children and want to protect them from danger.
I feel just the same but know I just have to let them go and learn about life on their own!
I'm always there( as you are) when they need my guidance.
Being a mother is truly the most wonderful blessing in my life!

Loved the video and the lovely words you shared!
You touched my heart!


Gail said...

Hi Margie-

"thank you" for your beautiful shared wisdom. Your gentle loving essence is easily felt in all that you write. I am so happy you share such love and kindness with me.

Love Gail

Comrade Kevin said...

*waves* How are you doing, Mama bear?

Choices said...

Your words and video touched my heart. So true about motherhood. A mother's love is like no other. Your children know that you will always love them and be there for them.
Take care

Diana said...

Such a befitting post for me Gail since I spent half the night awake from worry about Kate! She is much better today though, finally! The video was very dramatic!
Love Di

Gail said...


I am SO glad that Katie is better. Phew. You aer a wonderful Mama bear too. :-)

I know they know I love them and are there for them. Some times they hide though, or so it seems. :-)


this ole Mama Bear is doing better. Yup - :-) always SO nice when you drop by. How are oyu doing with the blizzard?

Love to you all