Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was surprised by the amount of additional snow we received the other day - well, surprised is not the right word - the weather forecasters seem to predict quite inaccurately - on the day they called for over a foot of snow we got several inches and on the day they said "an inch or two" we got ten inches!! Mind boggling, isn't it? With all their doppler radar and prediction equipment they cannot predict with any degree of accuracy. I can smell snow, feel it coming and I have just my God-given equipment, senses, and intuition. They are more reliable than the technology. :-)

Today is sunny, 40 degrees although we are still blanketed in snow - Gracey-Blue is in her glory romping about in the sun warmed snow. I watch her from the deck as she explores and plays. She never goes far - I must always be in her view. She is training amazingly well. Number one is she is completely house broken - lets us know when she needs to go out every time. :-) She comes on 'call-command' which is so important to me given my inability to go after her. She waits at the door to be "invited in" - we taught her not to rush past me in both direction - going out or coming back in. She waits. It is important that I/we lead and she follow. We are the "pack-leaders". I am learning so much from Casar, The Dog Whisperer!!. We are quite happy that she sleeps all night now and whimpers to go out around 7:00 and then comes back in and goes right back to sleep - she is a very calm pup, thank goodness. She has her playful times and she loves to run outside but for the most part she is content just being next to me, laying at my feet or snuggled by my side. :-) We are delighted with her. And it is obvious she is very happy too.

Seems Spring is on the horizon, although Tuesday in to Wednesday we might be hit with a mixed bag of Winter weather - sleet, snow, ice and wind. And also Thursday in to Friday - a similar mix. Time will tell. I am looking forward to getting outside more. I have ordered another rollator (walker with four wheels and a seat and hand brakes) so I can go about the yard and access road to the mail boxes and feel more secure - more so than just with my cane. I am going to use my older rollator around here and the new one for "going out" - like my "dress-up rollator" and my older one will now be my every day bang around rollator. Cool huh? I amaze myself some times at how I have accepted/adjusted to needing support and balance when I leave the house. It just makes good sense. In fact, a neighbor happened by yesterday to ask if we could make some copies of a CD for him. While chatting he noticed my cane - although I am sure he 'noticed' before - anyway, he asked me if I had injured myself? I said "oh no, I have M S". He was obviously taken back and then he, like most people, get that 'look', as if I just shared I am dieing. It is an awful look of sympathy, fear, alarm and so forth. In response to the "look" I find myself calming their fear and reassuring them I am all-right. Amazing huh? Most folks don't know what to say - they fumble with the 'right words' and I have heard the full spectrum from something as insensitive as "So, are you having a breakdown over this news?", to some very kind responses like, "oh, and how are you doing with managing it"?...and everything in between. One person actually said, "oh just get over it"!!! Mind boggling. I remember feeling so offended and angry at that time, and now, I could care less what people say, don't say, do, don't do - it appears I have taken that journey about which I re posted from 'Acceptance To Surrender'. Hallelujah!!! :-) And since I SO love that haunting song I am going to end with it again - take time, listen, feel, see how the words and music speak to you. I find that it impacts me differently depending on what is going on in the moment. How 'bout you???


Finding Pam said...

Some people just want to suck the life out of you with their comments.

I am sorry that people are so inconsiderate.

I love that song too.

Peace and Love,

Whitemist said...

It is funny, different situations, same responses! The cane gets very interesting "looks" and questions, then I tell them what happened and what i am dealing with and most people have no clue what to say.
Peace to you on your "Adventure"!

Gail said...


You are so right on - people have no idea what to sy when they hear the truth. It is mind boggling;

And yes, an adventure indeed.

Love you

Gail said...


Thanks for your understanding. And I am glad you like the song too.. :-)

Love Gail

Diana said...

Oh I love that song Gail! You made me laugh, not intentionally, but when you mentioned the Dog Whisperer I just had to let you know. I love his show but I cannot watch it anymore. My Ruby jumps up and down trying to attack the television whenever she see's another dog or cat or animal on the t.v.! Especially Cesar!
Believe it or not, I get looks from people because of my arthritis. I have to use the wheelchair sometimes and I think because I'm not 80, people think I'm faking it or something. Maybe I should give them the doctor bill when I have my knee replacement! Love Di

Gail said...


Oh my youmade me laugh too sharing how RUby jums at the TV when there are other animals on. And DI? I didn't realize your arthritis was debilitating for you at times - and I understand because I "look" fine too and I wonder what people think of me with my rollator and/or cane. I agree - show them the medical bills!! Good Lord!!
I love your sense of humor SO much.

Love Gail

Margie said...

Hi Gail
Don't you just love Cesar?
He's so awesome and I so love his show, Jake my golden does too!

So Gracey-Blue is adding much joy to your life and you to her life!
That is wonderful!

Keep on being the trooper you are and pay no attention to those that might be unkind!
You are in a good place and that is what matters!
I wish that you will always be blessed!


Gail said...


I love when you visit. :-) Seems so many folks appreciate Cesar. He is amazing.

And ya, those inept folks who don't know what to say don't bother me any more.
I appreciate your loving wisdom SO much.
Blessings to you and yours.

Love Gail

Wanda said...

Gracey-Blue sounds like a dream dog, for you. I understand your feelings, DIL may have a possible diagnosis of MS in her future, she looks perfectly fine, but is experiencing several symptoms and has undergone a few tests. Nothing is definite though.

I have kd Lang's version of Hallelujah. I love the song! Your comment earlier today made me laugh, Gail!

LisaLisa said...

Hi Gail,

I have read some of your comments and some of your post. I do agree that sometimes people just don't know what to say nor how to say it. I believe that you are a special person that God has put here on earth. In life we all will come across those who are inconsiderate and sometimes just down right mean.I'm a young women with a cane due to a chronic injury and sometimes I can get those looks and cruel words and sometimes I can meet the nicest people. I say to you,you do not live to please anyone but Gail and God. Never let anyone still your joy. I say to you hold your head up high and enjoy your life to the fullest. Blessings to you Gail!!

Just someone who felt your pain.

Choices said...

Hi Gail,
That song is soo beautiful. I can't stop listening to it. Don't let those people bother you with their looks. Just keep being in the good place that you are now.
Stay warm and think spring.
Take care.

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi!! So good to be back here, Gail...
I read with interest the responses you get when people ask you about your cane. I am sorry that some people are insensitive...and I hope they are simply 'ignorant'....and not trying to be hurtful with their words. The "just get over it" person...well, apparently his middle name was "Straw Man"...and if he 'only had a brain' he would know better.
I'm glad that your sweet pet is enjoying the snow....romping about. I would love to romp about with Gracey-Blue! Sigh... Snow in the deep south is only a dream.....even though I did get to see some flakes fall last week. People were squealing and carrying on as if gold was falling from the sky! Enjoy your week, my friend.
Take care of you....
Hugs and smiles from Jackie

Bernie said...

Unbeliveable that some people could be so rude....perhaps they just don't get it and are a bit uncomfortable with your situation.

I certainly wouldn't pay them any mind or give them any of my energy.

I love the fun you are having with Gracey Blue.....such good company for you especially when your husband is at work.

I too can always tell when it is going to snow or rain, I have been ever since my arthritis got so bad. Like Di I have some very bad days and am suppose to use a cane which I don't as yet but I know it is just a matter of time.

I loved the video, did you see K.D. Lang sing this at the opening of the Olympics....such a pure voice, it was absolutely beautiful.

Hope your sister, mother and you are doing well.......:-) Hugs

Tramp said...

Hi Gail
Dogs don't need to talk, they say everything they need to with their eyes.

cinner said...

You know I have experienced those looks and have been told if I lose weight maybe I will feel better. What a bunch of malarky, do some research people. it can be frustrating, can't it. I so love the song....I had to get a new home for our Jack russell, so he left yesterday....I cried like a baby, but my house was so much quieter and calmer today with just Kula...Love to you Gail, glad you are doing so well with Gracey. visit you again real soon.

souldose said...

Snow, even the word make me wanna cry because we never get it here and I'd love to experience it.

Gail said...


Oh my, your daughter-in-law is in my prayers. I found the diagnostic process so grueling, sigh.............

Both you and Bernie have told me of KD Lang's version of Hallelujah - I am going to google it today. Can't wait!! :-)

I am glad you got a chuckle out of my comment on your latest post :-)

Love to you

Gail said...

HI LISA LISA and Welcome!!

thank you so much for taking the time to visit and to share your thoughts and some of your story. It means a lot to me. And kike I said, I have long since stopped letting what others think bother me - phew.

Again, "thank you" for your kind and understanding words.

Love to you

Gail said...


Thank you for your kind support. I don't let people's ignorance bother me - :-) And I am so glad you like the song. I find it SO haunting.

Love to you

Gail said...


I am so happy to have you stop by. I SO appreciate your wise insight and support. Funny thing about the person who made that comment - first, it is a she, and she was our APRN at my work!!! I was stunned by her lack of regard for my experience. Oh well.

And I got a kick out of you writing how folks thought the snow flakes were like gold flakes. :-)

Love to you my friend

Gail said...


I SO appreciate your loving support. And like I have said, I don't pay such ignorance any mind. Years back I did, but I toughened up over time! Amen.

I am going to google K D Lang's version of Hallelujah. I am SO excited to hear it.

My Mom and Sis are doing better. In fact, my Mom is coming over to spend the day today. My daughter is picking her up for me. We will al have lunch together. I love days like this.

My sis is back dong her cardio exercises and working a part time schedule. She is coming a log. Amen.

Enjoy your day too.
Love you

Gail said...


you are SO right about a dog's eyes! they say it all!!
So nice to have you stop by, always.

Love Gail

Gail said...


I knew you would so understand about "the look". sigh.........

I am SO sorry about your dog having to go away. :-( But I understand the need for a calm home too. oh my.

Enjoy your day and remember "I love you"

Gail said...


Oh my, I cannot even imagine not having snow, so I understand your desire.

How are you dong?

Love Gail

Mark said...

There is much freedom in surrender! So glad you are there and understand that the reaction of others are simply a reflection of where they are at this point in their journey. Glad to hear Graceyblue is doing so very well.
Love the song, thanks, I will be singing this all day!

Eileen said...

Sorry that one of things you have to deal with are 'interesting'(to say the least) reactions. I told you about my cousin with the MS, she's having a bad time right now, but she keeps a wonderful attitude, and things are looking a little brighter in her situation, she got some good news today. But she too said that the reaction to her by some people was mind-boggling. She said even in just normal social situations most people ignore her. Go figure.

I love the song, it's one of my favorites!

And it's funny that you mention about smelling snow on it's way, I'm that way with tornadoes! I remember when we were down South years and years ago I said to my husband, "I smell a tornado", he looked at me like I was nuts! He said "Tornadoes have a smell?" VERY SARCASTICALLY I might add! and I said YES! And sure enough, we heard there was a tornado warning!
A few years later home here in New York, I told him again that I smell a tornado, and later we heard that our area had been under a tornado watch.
Freaky, right?

Love to you, Gail,

Gail said...


So nice to see you. I understand the ups and down your cousin is experiencing. And oh yes, her attitude is so important. ANd being ignored sicks!!

And I still have to go and hear K D Lang's version of Hallelujah.

I love that you shared you can smell tornadoes!! You are such a hoot!! And I love you.

Love Gail

Gail said...


Always so nice to see you. And yes, there is such freedom in surrender. ANd I love that you are singing Hallelujah all day. :-)

Love Gail

cordieb said...

Very inspirational, Gail! I'm delighted to see you are surrendering most wonderfully. I can see your peaceful serenity in your words.

Have a super day!

Peace, C.

Gail said...




souldose said...

I have an award for you at my blog, please come claim it

Wanda said...

That look in the last photo of Gracey-Blue is hypnotic. She is beautiful. Being cocooned with her makes it even nicer, I imagine.
Stay warm!

Tamarind~ said...

Wow, again snow! I can see them falling like quills..! O God, take me there!