Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nancy - My Sis -

You all recognize her, right? That's my sister, Nancy. She is holding the bag of greens from Chatfield Hollow - the day the three of us trekked along to gather the greens for the beautiful Christmas decorations for the grave head stones for our Dad, her son and her husband..

And this is of me and my Sis this past Mother's day. She is older!!! :-)

How do I write what is heavy on me today - SO heavy. I just wrote 10 comments back to some of my wonderful blog friends - and I thought, as much as what I am writing is true, I am not being honest because something critical is unfolding right now. And so I will ask for your prayers now - and tell you what is overwhelming me and causing much concern.

My sister Nancy had a heart attack yesterday. When my Mom called me at 12:30, crying I was so scared. They took her by ambulance to an emergency shoreline hospital and later transported her to Yale's Cardiac Wing. As I am writing this she is having a procedure because she has a blockage in an artery. The hope is that they can clear it and put in a stint. This is possible only if the tissue is not damaged - if it is, then she will require open heart surgery. I feel like I am writing a bad fiction novel - that none of this could be possible. But it is. She is justifiably afraid - and for all she has accepted this event has rocked her ability to cope - she has nothing left. PLEASE pray for her strength and balance and for my Mom - who is quite fragile - I stayed with her until eleven last night - we prayed together, laughed and cried. ANd for me too that I have the strength and endurance to 'be' there for my Sis and my Mom and my sister's two sons. God have mercy.

My sister has an all time favorite song - quite ironic, huh? But enjoy.

I love you Sis.......


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Oh my....Of course you are frightened and needed to write about what is weighing on your mind and heart. Take care of yourself. I send you and your sister, Nancy love and light.

Teresa said...

Oh Gail, I am so sorry, I am praying right now for your family and your sister. God Bless and ((((LOTS OF HUGS)))) T

Gail said...


thank you for the love and the light


Thank you for your prayers

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Gail…I'm so sorry this has happened. I will certainly pray for your sister, for you, for your mother—and your family. I'll pray, too, for the doctors and the surgical team, and for them to find the best possible situation. It sounds like she's at a good place for great care.

You also need to watch and maintain your strength. Don't lose faith. This isn't bigger than God, so don't give up hope. And take care of your mother. You don't need three of you in the hospital.

Please keep us posted. If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Bernie said...

Oh Gail, Nancy seems so young to be going through so much. One never knows what the next day will bring. I add my prayers to all the others for you dear sister, mother and your family....stay strong Gail, your health is so important and your sister will need you when she is out of God and his will Gail, it will help you through this difficult time.......:-) Hugs

Gail said...


thank you for your love and support and understanding. My sister is 61. Way too young, for sure. Your prayers are SO appreciated


"thank you" and I am hanging on to my faith and to hope - it is all quite difficult - i am resting, albeit fitfully, to hear news from my nephews. thank you to for your prayers Grizz, I feel you near

Love to you both

cinner said...

Okay Gail, first of all a great big hug. I know Nancy has been through so much, she may just find a renewed strength! My prayers are with you, your Mom and for Nancy....please be careful as Grizz said we don't want you sick in the hospital too. Remember it is amazing what the doctors can do these days. I have known a few people that have had bypass surgery and have come through it just fine. I will be praying nonstop. If you need to email me your phone number and I can call if you need to talk, or cry or yell and scream! I mean it, you know how I feel about you!

Wanda said...

Gail, I know how worried you must be, times like this are so hard on families. My younger sister had a heart attack over a year ago and had a defibrillator implanted, she is doing fine now. They can do wonders, just trust that your sister is in good hands. She and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care Gail.

Gail said...


I know everything you said is true. I rested all day today - a bit fitful but rested all the same. Did you get my email?

And I love you too girl - I swear I do.

Love Gail

Gail said...


thanks for all your support and your prayers. It means SO much.

Love to you

Wonderingsoul said...

Dear Gail,

It takes courage to share what is going on at the time when it's happening. It is raw and unbelieveable and painful and maybe a little bit numb all at the same time.
Please know that I am as much with you as I can be in this blog world.
I will be praying for Nancy a lot over the next few days. You too Gail.
Keeping you very much in my thoughts.
I wanted to cry when you said that you were keeping me close. I don't know what to say, except that right now, we can do that the other way round ok?

Jenny said...

Oh, I am so, so sorry to hear this sad news. Sending prayers to Nancy and all of you as you deal with this horrible circumstance. I am just so sorry...and miracles do happen. Especially with the power of prayer behind them! Hugs and hope!

Gail said...


Thank you so much for your kind words and support. ANd for the prayers, oh yes, the prayers. :-)

"Thank you" SO much mt friend - and oh it is so nice to see you. And I so appreciate yur prayers and your real concern for me and my sister. And yes, the other way around is good - good indeed. :-)

Love Gail
peace and hope

TheChicGeek said...

Oh, Gail, I am so sorry about your sister. I am lifting her up right now in prayer....and you too. It is so scary when illness strikes those we love. I am with you and I pray for the angels of God to surround you all, comforting you and guiding the doctors to heal your sister.
I send you love's healing light, Gail.

Teacher's Pet said...

Gail...what a terribly stressful night you had...and you can rest assured that I am praying for your sister...and your Mama...and for you, too. I do hope that you will let me know how you all are doing. Please, let me know via e-mail if there is anything I can do to help.
I am praying for healing for your sister...and strength and peace for your Mama and for you as you wait.

The Rambling Taoist said...

You and your family will be in my thoughts tonight.

Gail said...

@R T -

"Thank you" for your healing thoughts


"Thank you" for your prayers for my Sis, Mom and me. I willpost soon with anb update

HI CHIC- Kelly

Thank you for the image of angels surrounding us and healing light

Love to you all

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, I am just popping to see if there was an update on your sister. I have been thinking of you today and hope you managed to get some rest. Please know I am keeping you all in my heart and prayers.......:-) Hugs

Andy said...

So sorry to hear about your sister, Gail. Not that I'm a praying man but I'll pray for you all anyway.

Lots of love.

Gail said...

then your prayers mean all the more. :-) Thanks Andy.

love from across the pond

thank you SO much for checking in - I am going to post now, with an update
love to you

Choices said...

So sorry to hear about your sister.
I send my prayers and lots of hugs that all will be well.
Take care.

Gail said...


"thank you" for your love and prayers.

I wrote an update post - she is going to be fine. Amen

Love, Gail

Diana said...

O.K. I am caught up now. I am sorry that I missed this post Gail. I would have been praying all along. I have still been scatterbrained, but I am trying to keep up with things. I am sorry that you all had to go through so much fear. And I will keep praying for her continued recovery! Love You, Di

CordieB. said...

Gail, I just found out about this today. You've now done an update post, and I'm relieved that she will not have to undergo the open heart surgury. My brother had the surgery she incurred when he was only 40 - my mother died from a massive heart attack at 49 - and heart disease/attacks run rampidly in my favor. So, I understand the fear and hopelessness one can feel when one has a heart attack. I am keeping you and your sister and your family in my prayers. Please let her know that she has an extended sister here in Richmond, who is keeping her in my prayers. It's is miracleous that she was able to give hope to another, even in her time of uncertainty. Miracles, indeed happen all the time. Most times we are not even aware. Blessings to you and yours. . . . C.

P.S. Thanks for sharing your truths with us so often; and thanks for sharing the truths of those you love too...they do give hope, inspiration and faith to carry on...