Monday, September 7, 2009

Discovery Walk

Now that I know more about your lives and you all know about mine I thought this would be fun to post again. For those of your with kids and grand kids this is amazing to do with them, :-) - Here are the guide lines. This is a guided imagery designed within an imagined walk - you, the reader, will design your own 'walk' and the details of your walk by answering the questions below. Don't jump ahead!!! . The more you use your imagination the more "real" or "true" your answers will be. I will explain what your answers mean at the end. PLEASE don't peek at the meanings. It will ruin the whole thing for you.

A few statistics - for people past the age of eleven to twelve their answers will be about 80% accurate. With kids, between say five or six to eleven or so - their answers are 99% accurate. So, if after reading the meanings to the answers and it doesn't apply to you, you are in that 20% for that question. Relax. This is suppose to be fun!!! So stop over-analyzing and just go with the flow. Use your imagination and be creative. Okay?

Back ground - I am going to ask questions. YOU are going to imagine yourself going for a walk. Starting with this:

1- What season is it?

2- What kind of day is it?

3- You come upon a body of trees or a forest - what kind of trees do you see?

4- A- You come upon a body of water - what kind of water do you see?
B- What is the water doing?

(example for four A & B - pond that is still, brook that is babbling) get it? :-)

5- You look over to your left and you see a container or a box - What is it made out of?

6- You walk over to the container or box - What is inside?

7 - You continue on your walk and you come upon a bear. - What do you do when you see the bear?

8- After you deal with the bear you are now coming out of the woods - 'What do you see as you come out?

9 - You come to a fence - 'What do you do when you get to the fence?'

10- What is on the other side of the fence?

Meaning -

1) If you picked SUMMER - that means you have arrived at some major decision in your life.
If you picked WINTER - that is a quiet reflective time when one retreats to gain insight and direction for a new adventure/decision
If you picked FALL - that is a time of change
If you picked SPRING - that means something new has entered your life.

2) The way you described the day would also best describe your mood today.

3 ) The trees you picked are reflective of how you see yourself in terms of STRENGTH. Whatever the tree(s) means to you, that is how you understand your own strength to be. Many people choose pine trees - and actually pine wood is soft, however - pine trees are forever green flexible and so forth. So YOU have to look at the qualities of the tree(s) you chose and apply that to yourself.

4) The body of water and what it is doing would best describe HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE.

5) The strength of the material of which the box or container is made represents how important your STUFF is. Stuff meaning - life's things, like cars, home, furniture, clothes, - your stuff! So the stronger the material the more important your 'stuff' is. Often, people in transition, or life changes, could care less about stuff and will choose materials like card board, etc. Again, if your answer and the reason given don't make sense than you are in that 20% for that question. Breathe.

6) What's inside is WHAT YOU HOLD MOST DEAR.

7) What you did when you saw the bear? That is how you handle problems.

8) The image when you are coming out of the woods? If you were to look back over your life thus far, and you could take one snap shot that would best describe your life either as it was or how you wish it could have been, the image you saw when you came out of the woods would be it. (Give yourself some time to really think about whatever you saw)

9) The fence? The fence represents the line between life and death and what you did when you got to the fence is what you would do were you to find out you are going to die today. (for young kids - so not to scare them - you would say the line is between earth and heaven.

10) The other side of the fence? That is how you imagine eternity. (heaven)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this discovery walk. I have been doing this for twenty years in a variety of settings and it always gets rave reviews. Feel Free to write and ask questions for clarity.

Love Gail


Iktomi said...

any thoughts?

1) If you picked FALL - that is a time of change....
yep, i always love fall because of that quality

2) The way you described the day... clear and crisp, vibrant blue sky but with a slight bite in the air

3 ) i chose pine because of the smell... i love how pine trees smell

4) i came to a small river with lots of rocks and the water was very clear and running swiftly over the rocks... any insight?

5) i picked a wooden box...

6) What's inside is... a bunch of leaves, pine needles, pine cones, and some buttons, lol... not sure what that means... :P

7) What you did when you saw the bear? just watched it walk away :) how true that statement is depends on the problem. little problems i tend to not bother with them, but harder problems i need to fix head on.

8) The image when you are coming out of the woods? a small town with mostly houses and a small convenience store. any insight?

9) The fence? some cattle panel... i climbed over it. what does that represent?

10) The other side of the fence? That is how you imagine eternity... ok then eternity is a cow pasture full of cows lol

Gail said...

I am SO glad you took the discovery walk!! :-)

#4 - my 'insight is reflective of years of hearing what certain images meant for those who went on this walk. the meaning is YOURS to unfold. here are some thought to ponder on #4

rock mean obstacles, problems, trials, etc. and the clear water suggests you can "see" and are quite aware.

#6 what's inside the box is what you hold most dear so I am going to say that you are in the 20% that the meaning does not apply for this question

#8 did you grow up in a small town? if so it is the image that best captures that as it was or how you hoped it would be

#9 the fence represents the line between life and death and were you to die today that is how you would handle crossing from this life to the next

#10 - recall that you live or lived on a farm so the cow pasture ma signify "home" and so eternity is therefore "home"

I hope this helped - give yourself time to let your own answers unfold and blend with the meanings.

Love Gail

Bernie said...

Looks like fun, I will be back to take this walk....:-) Hugs

Teresa said...

Any insights on mine? For instance the police and the stun gun? LOL! Or my treasure map...let me know what you think since you have been doing this for years, btw what % did I get? I found this fun and entertaining...: ) ((((hugs)))) 555PS
I was going to say I saw a billboard with the numbers 555 on it when I came out of the woods.

Eileen said...

I'm not sure, I think a lot are dead-on, but others, I don't know.

#1 Fall, I just always loved that Season, I don't think I'm in transition.

#2 Sunny & Perfect ~ yes, that's my mood now!

#3 Pine trees, I guess.

#4 Flowing Stream, I guess.

#5 Old wooden crate, I just said that because I love 'old stuff'!

#6 It's empty, I don't think of my life as empty at all. And it's not that I don't hold 'stuff' dear to me, because I think I am kind of materialistic. I was thinking along the lines of I'd love to take that old wooden crate home and I wanted it empty so it would be easy to carry! I must be too practical for some these games!

#7 I'd freeze if I saw a bear, that's about right with how I deal with problems in life too, I'm helpless at first and I do freeze up.

#8 I see a beautiful meadow, yes, I do feel life is beautiful, but I was thinking more of Wanda's property and picture posts!

#9 The fence I'd climb over, yes, I don't think I'd fight it if it were my time to go.

#10 More meadow, well, the beautiful part yes, I think of Heaven in that way, and I always did feel Wanda's posts were a little bit of Heaven right here on earth and I feel Blessed that she shares them with us.

Very Interesting!
I'll have to do this with my grandson one day this week!
Thanks, Gail! What were your answers?
Love, Eileen

Gail said...

Hi Bernie -

see you then
love Gail

Diana said...

O.K. Gail I have two questions, what do rocks (polished ones) in a wood box mean? And the image coming out of the woods was my car?

And when I saw the bear I just stood there quietly with my mouth open! What the heck!!!

Please splain!? Love Di

Gail said...


Like said, it is about an 80% accuracy in anyone over 12. It is suppose to be creative, imagined and fun!!

Looks like you feel in to the 80% easily. :-)

Love Gail

Gail said...

H Teresa-

I need to go over to your blog post so I have your answers right there for me to look at and respond to.

And the stun gun and police could mena SO many things - like you felt protected, or you felt you needed protecting, remember #8 is the way it was or the way you wished it was..... I will re-visit your answers and respond more there.

Love Gail

Gail said...

remember, my insights reflect what others have said certain images meant to them - over the years I have been ding this. Your best insight is your own - some times it takes a while to be realized.

But here goes:

I think the rocks could mean security, strength and stability - and the fact that they ar shiny could mean brightness and light. I know that you are very drawn to the various rocks along your walks in your 'nature-land' and they hold meaning for you - so I am not surprsed that shiny rocks, and what rocks mean to you were what was in your box.

ABout the bear - and please remember there is an 80% accuracy so your answer may fall in to the 20% that does not apply to you. The reaction to the bear is how you react to problems. YOu know if this is true for you.

I am glad you took the walk - and remember it is a discovery imagery designed to be fun. :-)

Love Gail

Mark said...

Thanks for sharing! That was a wonderful and thought provoking exercise!

Gail said...

Hi Mark -
Thank you so much and I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Love Gail

Wanda said...

Took the walk was interesting...answered very simply though...will have to ponder my answers...but copied them here!

3.Maple trees
6.wooden box with letters and old books
7.step behind a tree
8.the sky
9.go between the fence boards
10.people on a picnic

P.S.That was fun and Eileen must like my field...LOL !!!

Whitemist said...

This was a beautiful walk!
Thank you for sharing. I think you know my answers.
1) summer into fall
2) a beautiful clear day
3) really elms
4) a quiet lake
5) Golden box
6) a beating heart
7) I did nothing to the bear and it did nothing to me.
8)a grassy field
9) I jumped right over
10) I saw home.

Gail said...

I love your answers - especially the beating heart inside your box and that yopu saw "home' as eternity I am so glad you wen on the walk.
Love Gail

I love your answers too. I love that you had old letters and books in your box. And that your lake was "reflecting" So Beautiful.

Love Gail

Bernie said...

Okay I'm back and had fun answering your questions though I haven't a clue what my answers mean. I so love are my answers:

1. Summer

2. Sunny and warm

3. Lake

4. Still

5. Wood

6. Letter

7. ease away gently

8. Blue Sky

9. climb through the slats

10. Home

Now can you tell me what my answers mean, don't know why but I always like these kind of things.

Have a great Tuesday.....:-) Hugs

Gail said...


1- SUMMER - this means you have arrived at some ajor decision.

2- warm and sunny - describes your mood the day you took the "walk"

4 a & b still lake - describes how you live your life..

5 - wood - means that you probably are not too atttached to "stuff"

6 - letter - could mean that 'conmunication' and keeping in touch mean a real lot to you.

(and please read the general meaning of what the questions are asking so you can better reflect on what your answers mean. I am sharing what others answers meant when they used creative images like yours )

7 - gently walk away - that is how you handle problems

8 - blue sky - this image best captures your life as you look back either as it was or how you wished it could be.

9 - climb through the slats - the fence is the line between life and death and you would climb roght through to the other side.

10 - Home - that is how you imagine eternity :-) you are home!!

I hope this hels. ANd like I said, the answers you created have meaning to you that I cannot know - so take some time to think about your words - it will get clearer.

Love Gail

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, thank you for explaining and it's a bit errie as it's a pretty accurate summation of how I really do see things....I love games or things of meaning like this...thank you for sharing and just reinforcing what I am all about......:-) Hugs

Gail said...

You are so welcome. And it was accurate because you used your imagination and didn't analyze the questions - pretty amazing, huh? You are a gem!! :-)

Love Gail

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Enjoyed the walk, the drawn upon imagination, the symbolism, and the pleasure in the results. It really was "on target." Ahh Rose Marie you are indeed transparent ...

So my dear friend here I am...
1. Winter
2. clear, cold
3. evergreen
4. ocean at high tide
5. metal
6. stones
7. look in amazement
8. rabbit
9. walk along side of it
10.a small farm

Fun and telling post for sure!

Gail said...

I am so glad you went on the 'walk' and that you enjoyed it. :-) I enjoyed your answers too, and I wonder what the meaning for you is about the 'rabbit'. Fascinating.

Love Gail

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Hello Gail, What comes to mind are these words and concepts: gentleness, delight, prolific, fertile, abundance, life bearing...

An envisioned world where abundance and gentleness abound - pure life and delight.

Hugs dear friend.

Gail said...

Hi Rose Marie-

Oh how I love learning the meanings for the images. Thank you for taking the time.

Love Gail

Val said...

and #6: paper. It was reams of blank paper. Clean white paper.

Blank slate? Fresh start?

I think so.

cordieb said...

Wow that was very enlightening...

Well, I freeze on important decisions... and I do initially!

The day was sunny, and the lake was rippling... :)

When coming out of the woods, I saw a man... go figure...the story of my life. LoL.

Thanks for sharing...this gave me insight into my life and somthing to think about!

Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . CordieB.

cordieb said...

Oh, I didn't realize we could post all of our answers...Perhaps you can give additional insight..

1. Summer
2. Sunny
3. Christ Tree
4. Lake
5. Rippling ?????
6. Gold
7. Jewels
8. Freeze
9. A man
10. Go inside the fence

Finding Pam said...

My answers for the walk were:
1. Fall
2. Cool,crisp and sunny
3. oak trees
4.running creek with clear water.
5. I see an old tackle box
6.Keepsakes of my family
7.To survive, I curl up in a ball.
8.I see home
9. I open the gate
10. I see a beautiful flower garden

Thank you for sharing your blog with me at Mark's blog. I appreciate the comments and the hugs.

Gail said...


So glad you found your way here :-) look back when you have time at some of the earlier posts like "James-Daniel Jill", and "The Journey From Acceptance To Surrender" and "The Kid In Me" and my 100thPOst" which is a kind of re-cap.

I Love that you went on the discovery walk .

LOve Gail


Hi Cordi - I am so glad to see you here. And the rippling answer about the body of water? Usually when folks write about movement the movement tells of how aper son is living their life - so perhaps there are some "ripples"/things to get over ?

LOve Gail


Hi, hi hi...SO SO good to see you.....And I am glad you went on the discovery walk :-). ANd I Love your insight to #6 about blank papaer -- absolutely suggests it is time to write a new chapter!!

Please stay close.

Love Gail

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Gail…hey, thank God for that 20% because I put a box turtle in my wooden box…certainly not because box turtles are the most important thing to me, but because I'd been visiting Wanda's blog right before and she had a photo of a box turtle and—well, I guess I still had box turtles on the brain and figured I'd plop one in my box.


Gail said...

Hi Grizz-

I am SO glad you took the time to go on the discovery walk. And too funny about the box turtle. :-) If you have a moment I would love to know your other answers as well.

Love you

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Gail…okay, for what they're worth (absolutely zip, I expect) here goes:

1. Autumn
2. Bright, sunny, cool, crisp.
3. Pine, fir, cedar.
4. Stream; running merrily along.
5. Wood…probably oak.
6. Box turtle. (See excuse above.)
7. Watch, remain calm, see what the bear is going to do.
8. A friendly, seldom-traveled path.
9. Climb over.
10. Woods.
* * * *

Hopeless, huh?

Gail said...


I love, love, love your answers. It fits you 100% except maybe the box turtle :-) - although if you think about it, and expound some, perhaps the turtle represents life on the river which is very precious to you. :-) Just a thought.
Thank you SO much for sharing your answers.

Love you