Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sigourney Weaver - In Aliens

I love a 'cause'. It energizes me, brings out the best of my determination, skill, passion, strength and purpose. I am excited by the camaraderie of same beliefs and the combined desire to stand against injustice. I have always been inspired by such.

As I mature I have come to hold fast, my sense of right and wrong. For the most part I live my life accordingly and I do not impose my values on to others nor do I deem anyone wrong if they do not ally with me. I accept our differences. However, when those differences impact my life directly or the life of someone I love, well, I start to take on that "Sigourney Weaver in Aliens" mindset. I become protective, and quite verbal and challenging. That "whatever works for you" attitude becomes difficult to maintain. I tell myself I am not going to speak out. Hah! ' I talk to a few people and find they think like me which strengthens my ability to challenge and even appear righteous (which is not my intention, I swear.). There is security in numbers.

It looks like my 'cause', although supported and agreed upon by my 'people', is a cause I cannot impact for change. How sad is that? I have all the right skills and wisdom and desire and information to "right" this situation and yet I am powerless. In my mind and heart I am the opportunity for change, the special agent ready to rescue. I have a team ready to follow me in to enemy territory. My command post is active with full communications and ammunition all ready for action. All this is for naught - knowing I cannot rescue her because she does not know she is a P.O.W. I cannot take down the enemy because she has not or cannot identify him as the enemy. At times I want to 'storm the compound' and put a burlap bag over her head and drag her out and throw her in the 'get-away-van' waiting to bring her to safety. I silently wait for the call that she is waiting for the right moment to make - when he is asleep and she whispers to me - "now, come and get me now". None of this will happen, I know it and you, my readers, know it too.

If any of you need a rescue team for any reason I am ready. Seems a shame to let all this just go to waste. Let me know.

Ready and waiting


PENolan said...

There are a few folks I would like to see hit in the face with a pie if it makes you feel better.

Naj said...

Oh Gail, your poor little daughter ;)

Rescue? I need rescuing!

I need rescuing from being a black sheep! I need rescuing from inability to tolerate hypocrisy. I speak my mind when ignorance holds her nose up; I come and attack it from the back; and stick a pretty sharp knife in!

I need rescuing because no one likes me! Especially girls dislike me. I never know why. Boys love me though. Maybe that's why. I don't do anything for anyone to like or dislike me.

I refuse to giggle though, or to make those "oh my gooooood" gestures with my moth and eyes! And women who do, get me really annoyed!

Anyways! I will dies without girlfriends ... :)

Gail said...

Dear Naj-
Very strong words. None of which I can dispute because they are your beliefs, feelings, experiences and perceptions.
And for what it's worth, "I like you
- I am a girl so that makes me a girl-friend, albeit in cyberspace."

Love Gail

Gail said...

Hey P E

Oh yes, it makes me feel much better, much better indeed. You are a 'hoot'! :-)

Love Gail
peace and pie

Kartz said...

** I accept our differences.

- Not many people can do that, can they..? Hat's off to u, ma'am...

That made a nice read... :)

Been a bit held up. Hence the delay. Trust all is well.


Comrade Kevin said...

Just as long as you don't have an alien emerge from your chest, I think you'll be okay!