Sunday, February 1, 2009


I was so excited that she, Ashley whom I have re-named "Sophie Lennon", said "Yes". A sleep-over. I can't recall when I was at one or had one with girl friends. It was decades ago, that much I know. Sophie is young and beautiful and spirited and so smart and real. I clumsily asked, "are you okay with sleeping with me"? She giggled and light heartily answered, "Of course I am you silly, I would love to sleep with you!" And then I invited beautiful Tina, - Italian, colorful, confident, safe to love, - Although she can't sleep over she is going to come in her pajamas and eat with us and stay and be silly . And my mate Dale- Australian and proud and determined and so classy and feisty - she too will bring her pajamas . how fun does this sound? I am SO excited. I have my home-made marinara sauce made and we will have pasta and bread and wine. I have all the "fixins" for ice cream sundaes too. I am so thankful I have these amazing women in my life to celebrate an evening in pajamas. Together we can change the world. In many ways we have - at least in our corner of it.
Girlfriends are SO important and SO life-giving. Women can and should empower and celebrate each other - mine do. I have so many memories of the gifts of friendship. One in particular with

My mate Dale - I had an M S flare up and Dale was my driver from my hairdresser appointment. I was trying to make the step down on to the driveway and she put her arm out for me to use as a support. The strength in her arm was amazing and I knew she would not let me fall. This is true in every area, as well. With my group of girlfriends we 'hold each other up' when needed. I will never forget that day. "Thank you Dale."

Sophie - I recall one time during the same flare up that she did the grocery shopping for us. She drove here and took my list and off she went. We shop at the Big Y which has 'savings coins'. Sophie could not handle matching the coins to a particular item. We have had so many laughs about those coins. She carried all the bags in -put everything away and then made us lunch. "Thank you Sophie".

Tina - the newest to our circle of friends and at the same time she has been part of us forever. Tina always comes with 'stuff', lots of 'stuff', home made food, wine and beer and gifts. Tina's presence is SO wonderful and she is every where all at once - swirling and laughing and doing....such energy!
"Thank you Tina".

We are all leaders in our own right and of strong character, purpose, passion and kindness. We are physical in our expressions, keep each other's secrets sacred and celebrate our individual gifts and talents. We can laugh at and with each other and cry together too.

I am so lucky to have these amazing women as my friends. I cherish and love each of them. And I know they feel the same about me. It doesn't get any better than this.

See you at the P J party!!

Love Gail


Kartz said...

Friendship is magical; friendship, is divine.
It grows a lot better with time, like ye olde wine.

Thus spake Kartz. ;)

Heartening to hear that u have such wonderful people around you.

Peace. Be well.

PENolan said...

Guess What?!
I have a date on Friday with a very interesting fellow - unless he's a big, fat liar. Maybe both. Very girly, indeed

Gail said...

Hi P E
A date huh? :-)
I want details-

Love you,

LeAnn said...

Hi Gail,
First I wanted to thank you for expressing interest in my journal. I am enjoying yours also. Because a reader from my work thought that some might be offended by content I have just made mine "friends only" I would have invited you but I had no email address for you to do it. I also replied to your comments on my journal, not sure if you saw them.It just occured to me to post as a comment here

Gail said...

Hi LeAnn-
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I left a comment on your other blog, the one I can access. Not sure how I accessed the "invited only" one. Hmmmmmmmmm, a mystery, huh? :-) I couldn't get on to it today.
Love Gail

Comrade Kevin said...

You are lucky to have them. :-)

Anonymous said...

well now i feel terrible that i had to indian give my sleep over acceptance!!! i'm so sorry gailee but if things were different i would have curled up right in bed without a second thought. we are lucky to have each other aren't we? sometimes i wonder why it took so long to meet you guys...and other times i think i have so much more life to live with each of you! and we are so lucky for you and your home and your wine glasses, real napkins, candles, and mushy butter.

i love you
sophie lennon

Gail said...

I love you too Sophie. I laughd right out loud about the mushy butter!! :-) too, too funny!!

And as far as the timing of when we all met? It all happened just as it was supposed to. The timing was/is perfect.

I love you a lot! and some day we will sleep together!