Monday, January 5, 2009

"Tied To The Whipping Post" - 'original form'

The feelings of distortion and unrest take over, the mind goes on overload attempting to combat the verbal force. In some ways it is like the song, "Tied To The Whipping Post", yes, tied indeed. The crack of the verbal whip is harsh and it stings and renders a person breathless, weak, and brings them to their knees. It comes on quickly and once tied the ability to gnaw through the leather straps is fruitless as each word tightens the straps, and intensifies the power of the one cracking the whip. There is an element of hope that the one cracking down will stop, somehow come to their senses or better yet, yield to a higher order. It can be delivered by someone who is even tender and cunning at times and so being tied is temporary, right? They are only words, right? How much can a person take for the sake of hope for different and better and equal exchange. How much can someone excuse in the name of humored opinions, determined insult and righteous barraging. Or is that not even true. Is it all in jest, intended to bring lightness to human frailty, or laughter to human error, or perhaps a back handed kindness intended to be playful with only frolic at the source - hard to discern. When a person is holding the whip and tightening the straps and the target cannot break free they are at the other's mercy. The attempts to redirect are met with greater resistance, greater force, more detailed verbal whip-cracking. Eventually, the person stops trying to be heard, understood or to even break free, believing that in the "giving up" the other will have no need to continue cracking their whip. Some of their words are unimaginable, others tolerable, some suggest understanding, but mostly it is all quite unimaginable. The intelligence, combined with facts, spattered with humor and determination, delivered with no room for question or validity of the other person is almost impossible to circumvent, once engaged. So be the song as an image, "Tied To The Whipping Post."

Gail - untied


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