Friday, January 16, 2009

All We Need Is Love

I am safe here, protected, if you will. I have no fear of ground war attacks or missiles being fired or raids of any kind. I live in peace. I make no apologies for this - it is the life into which I was born. And we live quite simply - try not to take more than we need and we give back often until it hurts. We share.

When I read other blogs about war I agonize over the horror. Yet, on a day to day basis, I am not effected directly. I always say, that what happens to one of us directly happens to all of us indirectly. That sounds like bullshit actually in retrospect. As I look out my back slider at the snow, into the woods that surround us with not even a foot print, I am quieted by the solitude. The cardinals are nestled in the forsythia bramble and the finches, now a grayish brown still feed at the feeder just outside the dining room window. Our dwindling wood pile stacked between two trees awaits it's final destination to our wood stove. The smell of fresh brewed coffee fills my senses and the box of pancake mix on the jade green counter will soon be mixed and cooked on the griddle, with a touch of cinnamon. The news is on in the background telling of the miracle of every life saved after the plane went down in the frigid waters of the Hudson River. I watched in earnest as it all unfolded. I cheered for the pilot and the rescuers and every person and one infant that survived.

Still, just over there, there is war. People are suffering every day; there is killing, homelessness, fear beyond belief, hunger, disease, fire, destruction, agony and loss, hopelessness and horror. The list is endless. I can't even imagine this and thus my writing is quite insignificant in the grander scheme of things. But what can I do? I have to believe that my life, as I live it also matters in the grander scheme. I can't stop the war but I WILL stand firm in my belief that violence IS always wrong and behave accordingly; I can't house all the homeless but I WILL offer refuge to someone in need; I can't quell every one's fears but I WILL sit with someone and hold their hand and listen as they face a challenge that is frightening; I can't solve world hunger but I Will bring groceries to someone who has fallen upon hard times; I can't cure the sick but I WILL bring a friend to their doctor or to pickup their medications if they need help; I can't prevent the agony of loss and destruction but I WILL offer support and understanding to someone who is suffering. In my little corner of the world I do what I can.

Is that enough? On a grand scale, absolutely not. I was humbled when I read Naj's post about her vigil of silence until the guns stop firing. Is any of it enough? No it is not. But individually we do make a difference when we promote peace and justice through random and frequent acts of kindness. We do make a difference when as individuals we 'take a stand of silence or a loud voice against inhumanity. We do make a difference when we reach out to one another in kind. I have hesitated to mention love. It is such a subjective word that sadly infuriates people at times. I believe in love and it's power to transform. I believe it is worth every heartache and every inspired moment. Without love there is no point in even being alive. People fight for and against it in a multitude of ways. So what is love? I know it thrives on curiosity for knowledge so intimacy can develop, it needs sensitivity and strength to endure challenge, it feeds on understanding, frolic, sacrifice, listening, respect, gentleness, forgiveness, it is both freeing and bonding, it is playful and innocent, serious and mature, it is life-giving and fulfilling, it is NEVER violent, it is visible, tangible, and can reduce the strongest of the strong to mush. Amazing huh? So is love the answer? You decide. I already have.

Love Gail



Dear Ms. Gail

You write that :
But individually we do make a difference when we promote peace and justice through random and frequent acts of kindness.

First of all let me say that after a log time I have read such a compact and rich in contents piece of writing. Well done.

So, the candle of love might be looking a small one; but it can drive out the darkness that is embedded in us since the ages.

Naval Langa

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Kartz said...

Profound words. Very.

Well, I have always viewed *love* as something tantalizing... That has been my view for many years now!


Gail said...

Hi Naval,

"thank you for your kind words.
And yes, the smallest light can be seen in the dark.

Love Gail

Gail said...

Hi Kartz -
great word "tantalizing" and love is certainly that, on many levels.

Kartz said...

Many many levels...


Val said...

This is exquisite.

I published a post linking people to this post. I do hope that's okay!

I am really enjoying your blog.