Saturday, September 25, 2010

A good experience

I was surprised that I even went.  It was my first time back to my place of employment since leaving there on disability a year ago. I had a lot of projected fears to overcome before I walked through the doors. I pondered for a few days. The occasion was a 'work-bridal-shower' for my dear friend who also was my intern at my work. It was important for me to go for her regardless of how unsettled I was about how I would feel going back.  I want you all to know it was wonderful.  I was so well received and attended to.  I felt as if no time had passed and that I still had a place in the hearts and minds of so many of my co-workers.  The Vice-President herself said,  "your blood is in this place and you were the best Half-way-house manager I ever had!!  :-)  How's that??? And, if that wasn't enough, -  as I was leaving, the elevator stopped on the second floor which is where my office was for years - and I hear this voice calling my name...."Gail, do you remember me?"  I struggled to recall her and she just chimed in , You were my counselor three years ago and I have been 'clean' all that time 'til now....and I had a baby!!""  I wished her well and told her how good it was to see her and as the elevator door closed  I heard her say to the other clients,  "that's Gail, she was my counselor three years ago, she was the best......!!!""  Can you even freaking stand it??   WOW!
I was on a cloud the rest of the day!!

I simply wanted you all to know of my good experience.  :-) 


Cinner said...

You my dear friend are the best, I am so proud of you for going. I know that was hard for you. you are and always will be, why ....because it is inside you. I cried reading this, my friend left last night, I am taking a break on my birthday today and doing me things. This is the best news I have had all day. I will phone you very soon...let your spirits soar...hugs and much love.

Wanda..... said...

I was here earlier, Gail, but got called away before I could comment on the uplifting day you experienced. I bet you are Happy you went!

Gail said...


thanks so much for joining me at our family gathering. AND for sharing in my good experience at my work. :-) Uplifting indeed!!

Love to you
peace and hope

Gail said...


"Happy Birthday" I am so happy you found my good experience to be good news for you too. :-) And I am sure you miss your friend dearly but I am also sure you created many beautiful memories.

Love to you
peace and hope......

Andy said...

We touch other people and their lives in ways we never really understand. This was an example of exactly that. This is what we really 'leave behind' us and these are the things we should remember when times are not so good for this is the reason we are here.

You helped that girl and she has a baby who will, probably, one day, be told about the great counsellor that made her birth possible.

Good for you, Gail :-)

Diana said...

I'm so glad that the day went good for you Gail. It must have felt uncomfortable at first I'm sure. There's nothing like the feeling of getting a little recognition for a job well done! So glad that it turned out to be a feel good day!
Love Di ♥

Gail said...


thank you so much for recognizing a 'job well done' and for being part of my good experience.

Love to you


Oh my, yes. It is wat we leave behind - how we have helped and impacted others lives along our life's journey. I do have a legacy at my work - and it lives on in so many people. It is actually quite overwhelming in a good way.:-)

Love to you

peace and hope....

PENolan said...

Has it already been a year?
Time flies whether you're having fun or not ;)
Glad it went well

Gail said...


actually over a year. It was a year in May. And ya, how time flies..... :-)

love you Texas

Iktomi said...

the most wonderful experience in this life is knowing you have touched the lives of others. i hope one day i'll be in your shoes, you are an inspiration. :)

Gail said...


thanks SO much for you validation and shared wisdom. I do find such humble joy in knowing that I have been part of so many healing journeys. And you, my wise young friend, will certainly leave a legacy of similar joy - you already have begun.

Love to you
peace. hope and healing

giggles said...

Awesome, dudette!!!!!!!!

Gail said...


thanks!!! I have missed you.

Love Gail