Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am so aware of the life's lessons my Mom is so humbly naturally, and faithfully teaching us by loving example. I was with her the other day - as is often the case. We sat at her little dining room table, of honey wood and white ceramic tiles. We had shared a simple meal I had prepared and brought to her. She was ever so gracious and appreciative. We could have been eating "S___ On A Shingle" and we would have been delighted.

And she began to tell me about some of the nurses aides she met while she was in the hospital. She mentioned Fernando, and Derrick and Simone and a few others. She told me how attentive they were to her and her needs and how they were all so sensitive in maintaining her dignity and privacy at all times. And given some of their duties such dignity was no easy feat to ensure! :-)

Anyway, she spoke more in detail about Derrick who shared with my Mom that he wants to be a Physician's Assistant and is going back to school. My Mom said she applauded his goals and told him that he is so wonderful with people and that he will make a great physician's assistant. She went on to say that she complimented, often, all of the staff who provided her with respectful and competent care. She also reminded me that she let folks know when they were out of line or missed the mark!. Each, she said, are of equal merit.

And so she went on to say, I still have to spread the good news". And I said, "Mom, what good news is that?" And she said, "The good news about God and his plan for all of us, like Derrick to become a physicians assistant!!!"

Perhaps we all can learn from my Mom's faith and her sharing "The Good News". And I will ask you as I am asking myself - where and how am I spreading "The Good News"?


Shen said...

What a wonderful way to look at it - not forcing anything on anyone. Spreading good news - we are all safe, we are all in the plan, there is a place for all.

I love it.

Peace to you and your mom.

Cinner said...

Your Mom is such a love, I am so glad she was treated well, and that you have been spending as much time as you can. I know God has a plan for all of us. I just continue to have faith. love you.

Choices said...

Hi Gail,
Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. Your mom has such a positive attitude. She seems like such a wonderful person. You both are so lucky to have each other.
Take care.
Smiles to you.

Diana said...

Right here on this post of yours my dear! We read it, you are sharing. It doesn't have to be big. Only one person needs to read it for you to be sharing.
You told your mom's story. You passed it on. You shared. It's not hard, you just did it.
I for one am amazed by your mother's faith but then my mom had that same faith. As did my grandmother. I would like to think that I do as well.
I believe that any act of kindness is spreading "The Word".
You do just fine Gail. You are sweet, loving and faithful. A good friend is hard to find. I am blessed to have found you. Give your mom a hug for me please. Love Di ♥

Gail said...


I feel the strength and faith on your words to me. Very powerful. And yes, acts of kindness spread the good news, for sure. I love that you are my friend. :-)


thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing in this part of my Mom's and my journey. You always add so much by your kindness.


Oh yes, God has a plan for us all. Keep the faith, and I am so glad that part of God's plan was to bring YOU into my life.

I loved thou wrote that we are all safe, all in the plan - there is a place for us all. Amen.

Love to you all
peace and hope.....

cordieb said...

Gail, thanks for sharing "The Good News." Your mother is filled with much love - I can see where you got it from. Fruit doesn't fall to far from the tree. Continue to sow such wonderful love seeds.

Peace, Light and Love,

Bernie said...

Gail, I think you have a wonderful, wise, kind and caring woman. She is so right.....letting others know what is the right or wrong way to treat people. I haven't met her but I love her, and I know she has raised a beautiul and wonderful daughter...
Be well my friend and know that you, your mother and all of your family are in my heart and prayers always.......:-) Hgs

PENolan said...

Gail, while you're busy being inspired by your mother's life force, please make sure she doesn't change her will to give Derrick all her money so he can go to school.

I'm grateful for every sunrise and the blessing of angel energies and all that stuff too -
I'm just saying . . .

Finding Pam said...

Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady. She is a good and faithful servant and God knows that.

Thank you for sharing this moment of faith with me. I never tire of hearing about hearing of faith.

Peace and love.

Gail said...


so nice to see you and I truly appreciate your shared kindness and joy about my Mom's unyielding faith.


Ya, I better make sure Mom isn't funding Derrick's dreams, huh? :-) And ya, I know you are filled with and believe in good energy and angels and all that stuff. oh ya, I knew. :-) YOu are simply the best.


Oh how I love that you love my Mom :-)
and thank you for mentioning that you see in me some of the goodness in her. wow.


and you too, thank you for mentioning that I am like my Mom - even in the smallest of ways if I resemble her spirit and faith and love I am humbled.

Love to you all
peace and hope.....

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Your mom is such a lovely lady...And although I have never "met" her, I have come to love her through your words! You, my friend, are much like her...of that, I am sure! Thanks for spreading so many smiles and love everywhere! ~Janine XO

Gail said...


thank you SO much and I so appreciate your appreciation for my Mom and all that she is. And like I wrote to others - I am humbled to be even a bit like her. :-)

Love to you my friend
peace and hope.....

Lisa said...


Your mother sounds so loving. I am so happy she seems to be feeling better and her spirit is soaring. That is good news:)

I don't know if you know this or not but I lost my father to NONE Smokers lung cancer September 30, 2009...The thing that strikes me in these wonderful people full of disease is how as the body seems to grow weak....The spirit grows stronger. It sounds to me you mothers body is growing stronger and her spirit is growing stronger with it...I am so happy for you all. What a beautiful message you have written. Thank you!

xoxo, Lisa

Gail said...


thank you for your wise and wondeful and loving words tro me about my Mom's spirit and faith. She is stronger these days as she prepares and maintains for the next phase.

I was sorry to read of your Dad's passing. :-(

thanks so much for visiting and sharing.

love to you
peace and hope.....

Alexis Hallum said...

I enjoyed this post. It made me smile. Your mother sounds like a lovely person.
I also watched the video above and it made me smile toward the end.
Very uplifting blog you've got!:)

Gail said...

Hi ALexis-

so nice to meet you. I truly appreciatre your kind words to me.
Hope to see you again soon.

Love Gail
peace and hope.....