Friday, June 19, 2009


Relax everyone, this is not a 'nasty post'. Although the topic may be difficult for some it IS part of who we are. We are ALL sexual beings. I, for one, love my sensual-sexual self and how I respect it, enhance it, create it, enjoy it, and that I am free to express it. Are you?

First, some basic definitions,. SEX? male or female. SEXUAL - masculine or feminine, SEXUALITY - how one expresses their feminine and/or masculine self - as in hair, clothes, style, preferences.

So, you see, it has nothing to do with intercourse, per say. One can be their sex, be sexual and express sexuality without intercourse or any physical contact with another person. It is all quite personal and subjective. That is not to say that the 'acts' are not an expression of one's sexuality, rather, with or without the act one is still their sex, sexual and expressive of their sexuality. Got it? Rod Stewart's, If You Want My Body" kind of has a unique perspective!! :-)

I am very in touch with my feminine and masculine self. I am happy in jeans and work boots and lace and silk. I love my long hair and 'Donna Karin' perfume and oils. I am definitely hetero, yet I am aware of and appreciate deeply the beauty of other woman both physical and spirit. We all have preferences as to the type of person we find physically appealing. I prefer men that are bigger, over six feet and over 200 pounds. Also I prefer the 'rebel look', scruffy and tussled. Guys who are too neat don't do anything for me. I like a man who can take charge and yet does so without intention, rather gently and firmly creates a sweet surrender. My guy is all this and more I am happy to report. :-) I am adventurous and spontaneous and love erotica. And for this blog that is as informative as I will be.

I hope that who you are as a sexual being is truthful and wondrous and that you are free to explore and be whatever is right for you. Alleluia!!!

Love Gail
alive and well
peace and passion


anne partain said...

Hi Gail, Powerful post. I can notice that my sexuality has changed over my lifetime. But, it is always with me, a vital part of who I am. An innate part of what makes a human a human. It is good to allow ourselves to be, and that includes our sexuality, doesn't it? How much could become untangled with the allowance of this one aspect.

Gail said...

Hi Anne-
Excellent review and reply. You are so "in tune" and aware of yourself and also others uniqueness. Such a gift.
And yes, so much can be lost in the entanglement of our sexuality unless we are free to express our own beautiful sexual truths.
Love to you'

Comrade Kevin said...

It's good that you know what you want and that you have someone who works for you. Some of us go years before we know such things.

Only now have I begun to understand what it is I truly need from a relationship and have learned to shed that which might be attractive but wear me down in the process.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin-

SO nice to see you here. And I am a few years older than you and believe me Kevin I did not know who I was in a relationship let alone my sexual needs/desires. Now I do. And it looks like you have good insight too.

Love to you

Kartz said...

Powerful write-up, ma'am. A pity, that it is taboo to discuss this three-letter word in some parts of the world (you'll probably know where!)

Yes, I am back - and I hope to post again, soon. Trust things have been fine at your end. And many thanks for all those kind wishes. I cherish them.

Peace. Enjoy your Sunday! (I work. on Sundays. Weekends fall on Friday/Saturday here. :/)


Hi Ms. Gail.

I liked the manner in which issued you have discussed the issue that touches every living being.

Just look at the following site. I hope you would like to read it.

Gail said...

Hi Naval-
nice to see you. It has been a while. Hope all is well.

Peace to you

Gail said...

Hi Kartz-

Nice to see you here - you have been missed. And yes, it is taboo to talk of sex, such a vital part of each of us. Mind boggling.

I look forward to your future posts.

Love to you

molly said...

Yes Ma'am,

And my husband returns home tonight after having been gone for 2 weeks. Pheeewww...

Gail said...

Hi Molly-

Wonderful - enjoy each other.

Love to you
peace..... said...

very nice, gail. i came to you through anne partain's blog. this topic keeps popping up in my readings and conversations as of late. yours is the 3rd or 4th that has come to me since posting my own vlog on it on my blogsite

please feel free to check out the vlog and the rest of the site as you are able. i look forward to exploring more of your offers here as well. namaste, Roldan

Gail said...

Hi Roldan -

I am very happy you came by and that you like it here. Please visit often and I will be sure to stop by your place, as well.

Peace to you