Wednesday, June 10, 2009


MY GUY.............Skipp. Birth name - Babe, - Babe Laurin. He was adopted at three months old, raised Jewish! We found his biological family in 1990. He is "Blackfoot Indian" and Swedish. He lovingly and comically says, "I am the only Jewish-Swedish-Indian you will ever meet"!! :-) The picture is taken in what used to be Dolan's room - we even had a sleep loft' built so there was more floor space for Dolan as he grew. - now, it is a music room and a place to create - and with the most amazing view looking out in to the woods - and with all the equipment to record/produce/arrange original songs. The hat? A gift from my sister Nancy and her husband Kelly this past Christmas. Kelly died January 23rd, and so this hat, well, it has extra special meaning, ya know? Kelly felt Skipp was a "phenomonon", in many ways, he is. His creative passion? Music. He is a seasoned-accomplished classically trained pianist, a diversified guitarist, a talented lyricist, a beautiful singer and has produced, arranged and promoted not only his own original music but other local talent, as well. I have yet to master how to put his original music on You Tube. So many have enjoyed his musical talents, - I am his biggest fan!!

Skipp's love for all his children and gandchilfren is unyielding. His work ethic is strong - and loyal and proud. His respect for family traditions and 'stepping-up' is powereful. He adores me and I adore him. I wish he had met my Dad - they would have gotten along quite well.

Our life here is simple, loving, creative, fun, safe, purposefull, kind, welcoming, generous, and together we are peaceful, content, happy, and just get the biggest kick out of one another. There is nothing I would change about my guy and there is nothing he would want to change about me. We are okay with all of our gifts and flaws. We like each other a lot! :-)

My Mom always says, "I trust him with my life"> I guess that says it all, huh? And here is the song, "My Guy"

Love Gail


anne partain said...

Ah happiness! Such a wonderful, beautiful, enduring experience. Say what you will, get as 'spiritual' as you like, but if there isn't love and contentment and happiness in your life...

Well, that's what counts isn't it? That's what we are all desiring. That beautiful feeling of love.

(hey check your last comment on my blog, I found a way to overcome that little "snaggle" we were having:))

Gail said...

Hi ANne-

thank you for your wonderful words of understanding and insight. and it is SO true - that love and contentment are so critical to overall well-being. It is here, with Skipp-Babe that I find peace, where I re-fuel and that others find solace as well. It is life-giving here. and I will go check out that snagger now. :-)
love to you

The Rambling Taoist said...

Are you trying to make Skip blush? :)

Mark said...

He sounds like such a joyful soul! Thanks for sharing.

Gail said...

Hey R T -

I could try but he does not embarrass easily - :-)

Hi Mark - yes, he is a free spirit and a beautiful soul -

love to your both

C. Om said...

I love to see unconditional love. :-)

[by the way, I can help you put things on youtube. email me:]

Gail said...

Hi C.Om

Yes, it is, unconditional. Thanks for noticing! :-)

And really? you can help with the process to 'youtube? I will email you = and "thank you"!!Q

love to you

PENolan said...

I'd ask if he had a brother . . . ;)

Val said...

Beautiful Gail. It's so, so nice to see two people who truly enjoy each other... who want to laugh, live, create, and love together.

Gail said...

Hi Val-
Nice to see you - and ya, we are just so relaxed together - and enjoy the simplest of moments.

P E Nolan -
great comment! spoke volumes. You are SO way cool.

Andy said...

How's the Youtube thing going. Can't wait to hear him play! :-)

Gail said...

Hi Andy-

we are a long way from you-tube! I can send you a CD of some original songs.
So nice to see you here.

Love to you

molly said...

Beautiful post. I'm so very happy you've got such an amazing guy by your side. I do too, and maybe I'll have to post about him sometime. Thanks for the inspiration! Let's hear some of his music!!!!

Gail said...

Hi Molly-
Yes, lucky indeed. :-)
And I WILL figure out how to get his music on here.
SO nice to see you.
Love Gail

Comrade Kevin said...

Ah, so there is the Skipp.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin
SO nice to see you
and yup, there's My Guy. :-)

love to you

giggles said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. ;-)