Sunday, September 14, 2008

A "Discovery Walk"

Mornin' - Here are the guide lines. This is a guided imagery designed within an imagined walk - you, the reader, will design your own 'walk' and the details of your walk by answering the questions below. Don't jump ahead!!! . The more you use your imagination the more "real" or "true" your answers will be. I will explain what your answers mean at the end. PLEASE don't peek at the meanings. It will ruin the whole thing for you.

A few statistics - for people past the age of eleven to twelve their answers will be about 80% accurate. With kids, between say five or six to eleven or so - their answers are 99% accurate. So, if after reading the meanings to the answers and it doesn't apply to you, you are in that 20% for that question. Relax. This is suppose to be fun!!! So stop over-analyzing and just go with the flow. Use your imagination and be creative. Okay?

Back ground - I am going to ask questions. YOU are going to imagine yourself going for a walk. Starting with this:

1- What season is it?

2- What kind of day is it?

3- You come upon a body of trees or a forest - what kind of trees do you see?

4- A- You come upon a body of water - what kind of water do you see?
B- What is the water doing?

(example for four A & B - pond that is still, brook that is babbling) get it?

5- You look over to your left and you see a container or a box - What is it made out of?

6- You walk over to the container or box - What is inside?

7 - You continue on your walk and you come upon a bear. - What do you do when you see the bear?

8- After you deal with the bear you are now coming out of the woods - 'What do you see as you come out?

9 - You come to a fence - 'What do you do when you get to the fence?'

10- What is on the other side of the fence?

Meaning -

1) If you picked SUMMER - that means you have arrived at some major decision in your life.
If you picked WINTER - that is a quiet reflective time when one retreats to gain insight and direction for a new adventure/decision
If you picked FALL - that is a time of change
If you picked SPRING - that means something new has entered your life.

2) The way you described the day would also best describe your mood today.

3 ) The trees you picked are reflective of how you see yourself in terms of STRENGTH. Whatever the tree(s) means to you, that is how you understand your own strength to be. Many people choose pine trees - and actually pine wood is soft, however - pine trees are forever green flexible and so forth. So YOU have to look at the qualities of the tree(s) you chose and apply that to yourself.

4) The body of water and what it is doing would best describe HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE.

5) The strength of the material of which the box or container is made represents how important your STUFF is. Stuff meaning - life's things, like cars, home, furniture, clothes, - your stuff! So the stronger the material the more important your 'stuff' is. Often, people in transition, or life changes, could care less about stuff and will choose materials like card board, etc. Again, if your answer and the reason given don't make sense than you are in that 20% for that question. Breathe.

6) What's inside is WHAT YOU HOLD MOST DEAR.

7) What you did when you saw the bear? That is how you handle problems.

8) The image when you are coming out of the woods? If you were to look back over your life thus far, and you could take one snap shot that would best describe your life either as it was or how you wish it could have been, the image you saw when you came out of the woods would be it. (Give yourself some time to really think about whatever you saw)

9) The fence? The fence represents the line between life and death and what you did when you got to the fence is what you would do were you to find out you are going to die today.

10) The other side of the fence? That is how you imagine eternity.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this discovery walk. I have been doing this for twenty years in a variety of settings and it always gets rave reviews. Feel Free to write and ask questions for clarity.



Comrade Kevin said...

Interesting. I'm now trying to figure out how to apply what I've gleaned to my daily life.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin,
so glad you 'took the time'. And the point you raise is exactly the point. Self discovery, I have found,is always challenging in its' application.
Keep on singing.