Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trickery and Promise

This was actually an email I sent to someone, just by chance just because. I never got a response, but whatever.

Winter is coming to an end and yet the weather predictions include colder temperatures, freezing rain and a stiff wind.

Somewhat of a metaphor for life it seems.........warmth surrenders to cold, sun is shadowed by clouds, calm is unsettled by strong winds, buds peek out and then recede , fooled by a warm afternoon, decks are swept and cars washed only to be covered in ice and road salt and sand, but each day of perseverance and determination makes each cloud, wind gust, ice pellet and snow flake just a feeble attempt at interfering with the hope of Spring - it is Winter that will hide, retreat and give way - the buds will open into colors, the trees will thicken and plump green, the bramble of forsythia will brighten yellow, the roses will unfold, bare feet will prance on decks and lush lawns and sandy beaches and warm flowing rivers and brooks, the birds will return and the scent of sweet flowers will filter in through open windows and doors, clothes will shed, sounds of kids playing and smells of grills sizzling will abound - but for today - as the wind rages, the dark clouds race across the sky, the chill in the air promises snow and ice - I am right where I am suppose to be. One with the trickery and promise - such is life. Such is "The Rose".......

Love Gail


Andy said...

Hi Gail,

What a lovely post.

Just thought I would tell you that I checked my message the other day and it's there! It's on the post "Rambo and the broken water heater".

Comrade Kevin said...

Spring seems to have come early now that I am back here in Birmingham and by that I mean that it's been raining every day since I've arrived.

Kartz said...

That last bit pretty much summed it up.

** One with the trickery and promise - such is life.

In other words, c'est la vie.

Beautiful post, ma'am... And guess who's back!? :)

Trust all is well.


Gail said...

Hi Kattz-

So good to see you. Welcome back!!

Love Gail