Monday, March 2, 2009

March-Storm (Kevin - there is a photo of that ole doll just for you)!!

Clearly, I have not mastered how to put the photos in an order or alignment, huh. All in good time. You are looking at our surroundings, front and back, after last night's snow. Lovely, isn't it? Lovely indeed.
Our little grandson slept over- his Mom works overnight. I felt good as I tucked him in - safe from the storm - snuggled under quilts as the warmth from the wood stove drifted up and around him. Sometimes I just want to keep him - here, with us. That is a heartfelt story - with many layers. Let it suffice to say, that for now, him experiencing us, our home, where it is always kind, respectful, fun, free, loving, safe, with tradition and music and prayer - that these family gifts will be imprinted in to his spirit - so as he grows he will remember and make choices that reflect his memories of unconditional love and encouragement, celebration of his uniqueness and where he understood, learned - that to create a haven, a loving home, is the ultimate goal to which all must tend. Amen.

The storm rages on today. I am safe in here. I have written of storms before - as I feel the power and mystery of them so familiar to life's storms and calms. There are times, as with nature, that I know a storm is coming so I have time to prepare. And other times, the storm develops out of nowhere it seems, and I am in it without warning. I can't even say for sure which is better - certainly not based on success or failure in regards to my surviving the storms. It seems my skills, wisdom, available resources are there regardless. Also, and more importantly, I have a strong foundation, a core of resilience upon which I can always rely. As I look back at storms I/we have survived, with or without warning, - it is the center, core, of "us" that has sustained us. I am so filled with gratitude and hope, in the best and worst of times.

This is a nice segway to "Hope". I wrote about "Hope - the tree". I have a photo of her, yes her. She is growing so beautifully and is filling up with meaning as people have brought items to hang on her branches, covered in diamond dust.
And KEVIN - you had said if you could see a photo of that 50 year old ice-skating doll my Mom found and brought to me it would help you to see/understand - so I have that too. She was in her broken box for half a century - and has been 're-born' - although she looks possessed or something like that! :-) So here are the photos of "Hope-The Tree" and that ole doll of mine.

The teddy bears in front of "Hope" are from my Mom's collection of bears - 'Henry, Henrietta, and Honey Bear'. And how eerie is that doll? My goodness. :-) My Mom began collecting bears after my Dad died in 1984. She has many. And one day she will pass them all on to me. Sigh.....

Well, the storm is still storming. I am warm and cozy. My flannel pajamas, thick socks, and fleece robe remind me that I am very lucky, blessed if you will. The fire is roaring and the black kettle on top is sending out scents of spice and patchouli. I can hear the wind and see the snow dancing in every direction. Dancing, yes, of course. it all has a rhythm with which I am in sync.

Peace and hope


PENolan said...

Great skater doll, Doll.
It's so stormy here we actually got a snow day. Your grandson is going to cherish times like these some day. My dad looks back on the time he spent on his grandparents' farm in East Texas as the most peaceful and formative times in his life. I bet your grandson will too.

Gail said...

Hi P E-
My goodness, that doll is SO old - I recall putting her in the box and never opening it again - I was in to softball and tree forts. But now, I am SO glad she is back and tucked in to the hope-tree.

And ya, our lil grandson will be forever influenced by these memories and I SO appreciate your sharing about time your Dad spent w/his grandparents as peaceful and formative. Thanks :-)

Love Gail

Val said...

What a delight for your grandson to be able to spend these evenings, these special times with you.

Unconditional love. There's nothing more powerful and transforming than that.

Gail said...

Hi Val-

yes, very special times - and he will always know we love him unconditionally. always.

Love Gail

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Your photos look fine to me, exposure-wise. Not always an easy thing with snow scenes. You might try getting closer to objects, to make something the reason for the scene—the focal point. But this is subjective, a matter of style. This best advice for any photographer is to always examine the scene and decide what it was—light, shadows, a rock or tree, a fence, or something else that made you want to capture the image in the first place. Why here, looking this way…instead of there looking that way? When you know that, it's 90 percent of the game; what's remains is just getting into place and the mechanical/technical aspects of camera and lens. If you are shooting with a point-and-shoot digital (which is fine) then the camera will do the work. So all you have to do is figure out the scene, get into the right viewpoint and press the shutter.

Don't get too hincked out by all this. It's not about the process but about learning to look, learning to see, and expressing yourself.

Does this help?

Gail said...

Thanks SO much Grizzled -

And Yes, you have helped tremendously. I wanted to capture that tree, and I did, also the pond but it was so snow covered it didn't show as a pond. Oh well!!
Again, thanks SO much.

Love Gail

Kartz said...

Nice pictures, ma'am! :)

And yep, as noted by others, your grandson sure will cherish all that!

Peace. Be well.

Blog updated, today (4th March). The wrong post is showing up on people's blogrolls.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kartz said...

Noticed your comment, ma'am...

Well, I dunno why you feel that way. It has always been the same Kartz writing... But I respect your opinion.

Probably, you are seeing different facets of this soul..? I dunno...

But yes, if you felt that way after reading the post where I held a debate, yes... Cos, when I wrote that post (on Culture) I was boiling... Looking at all that injustice.

I value your opinion and appreciate your readership. I am also happy that you are being candid about your thoughts as well.


As mentioned in the previous comment, the blogrolls are still showing an incorrect post. And I hate Blogger for this! The latest post in on the homepage...

Gail said...

Hi Kartz-

THanks SO much for understanding my feelings. You explained it very well. It was the debate that I read and felt alloyur boiling rage - whoo!! Sometimes I think it is just best to read/listen - I didn't have any words of solace for you because I felt quite inept to do so. I value you and your opinions as well and I am quite happy that we are safe to ssay how we feeel so we can have greater understandings between us.

Love Gail

Kartz said...

My rage was more because of some utterly ridiculous statements that were made.

That too from a young lady who conveniently misinterpreted what I had said. So many others either corroborated the fact or made some other valid points. And I found it plain stupid when people cannot see through plain satire.

And they call themselves writers...

Sorry for any inconvenience. I am glad you read it in its entirety even though you weren't able to comment. I quite understand. Had you been here to witness such acts, you'd have something to say for sure. In some ways, the West is better off [with accepting women in pubs].

Thank you, again.


Alisha said...

Gail-It was nice to meet your tree named hope. Love your blog!